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Article written by Alexander Rodriguez, host of On the Rocks with Alexander

Through the 80s and 90s, gay porn taught us that smooth was sexy. After the turn of the century, different body types and patches of body hair started to hit the mainstream porn scene representing the men in real life and changing the idea of what was considered sexy. Guys with body hairy are no longer regulated to niche bear porn or sites devoted to body hair.

Teddy Bear made a splash in the adult film world with his muscled, furry body and great smile. With patches of hair everywhere, he is bringing body hair awareness and telling the world to “embrace the fur”. Though we don’t envy the amount of work it must be to clean out his shower drain, we do envy the collection of hot guys he’s filmed with.

He started showing off his hairy body as a go-go dancer and after years of guys begging to pet him and feel his fur, he decided to make fans around the nation happy and put his sexual skill on display. Though he’s done studio work, he is currently owning the self-tape market with his self-produced content. With a background in costume design and art, he’s even taken his Teddy Bear brand to a series of products, including home décor for the bear in all of us with colorful fabrics and sassy slogans.

He is the Marcia Brady for the hairy community, brushing his body hair 100 times before bed. We chatted with him just prior to one of his brushing sessions:

How has your personal sex life changed the most since you started in the adult industry?

9 times out of 10 there is a camera on now. In the beginning that used to be just because I’m a workaholic when it comes to anything I do, but now it’s because everyone I know is on OnlyFans. So more than likely, they want a camera on too, ha ha!

What are the biggest misconceptions about hair guys in the bedroom?

People always (mistakenly) assume we are somehow "dirty". As if we smell or never clean ourselves. We just may take a little longer in the shower than a smooth guy.

You have a background in fine art and costume did you get into that industry?

I've been drawing since I was 4 years old, I would record Sailor Moon on VHS and then pause it and sit down and re-draw what i saw on screen.

I did costume design for the music industry for 4 years, and now do costume illustration work for commercials. I have a design degree from FIDM. I love that I've also been able to use my design degree in my porn industry too. I’m now going on 3 years of running Teddy Bear USA ( where I design, manufacture and sell all my own merch (including Teddy BearD, my organic beard balm)

What was one of the earliest costumes or designs that sparked your interest?

Actually, it was from a video game. It was Final Fantasy VIII, The queeeeeen (literally), Edna, is a fashion icon that inspired me at a young age.

How has your artistic background helped you in the adult industry?

It’s helped me because I’ve never had to outsource for editing or for graphic work. All of that I already knew how to do myself. I think it’s helped me to develop myself into a brand and not just a porn star.

Does it get old when people ask you to pet your fur?

Never. Think of me as a living Husky. Pet the fur. Embrace the fur.

Did you ever feel the pressure to shave when you started in the adult biz?

Oh 100%, and even for scenes where I was hired to be hairy, they still wanted it trimmed and shaped and never full. Two things I’m proud of that my fans LOVE (but studios hate) is I NEVER shave my back and I NEVER trim my bush.

You throw a lot of Bear-related events (when not during COVID) - how do bear events different from other gay events?

In general, Bear events tend to be more friendly. Yes, there are still jerks and judgemental gays at any event (it’s what gays do best), but Bear events on average have a more freeing lifestyle. No one at a Bear event is going to shame you for standing there eating at a party. More than likely it will get a guy to come over and talk to you.

What is your favorite sexual position?

Fucking a boy up against a wall, their face turned back moaning and looking at me as I slam them up against the wall.

What red flag in the dating world will you never ignore?

Welp I only just now this year got better at finally not chasing AFTER red flags (used to be my favorite color clearly). Biggest red flag I avoid now is, "Sorry I missed your text" guy. You know the one that leaves you on read for days and always says, "whoops" but still for some reason will stay in contact with you. They're not worth your time and they're not going to change. The only one who can change, is yourself. Ignore him back and keep it that way!

Tell me about your bear related home decor you sell.

I am the king of Dad Puns and 90% of my bear merch are dad puns and parodies of iconic logos.

Have you watched more or less porn during COVID?

I edit all my videos so I’m technically constantly watching porn. But my favorite thing to jerk off to is actually videos fans send me on my OnlyFans.

What message do you have to your fans?

It is and always will be, "Embrace the fur". I love letting my fans know they ARE beautiful and should never feel ashamed for being hairy (or even if they’re smooth), I want all my fans to know they are accepted and loved.

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christian underwear, what would they look like?

Tighty whities but in all white, white logo on white band. Probably a spandex blend fabric, low rise waistband to really show off the cum gutters.

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