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Article by Brittany Hancock

If you're seeking to really get your partner going, this article is for you. There are certain sensitive areas upon the male body that will make your man go wild. These are known as erogenous zones. They are places that are compiled of nerve receptors that entice an individual when stimulated. Let’s look at the seven erogenous zones on the male body.


The ears are composed of several nerve endings that cause the ears to be exceptionally sensitive. For this reason, ears are an erogenous zone that you may consider incorporating when trying to turn on your guy. You can stroke his hair and delicately graze over his lobes while doing so. Behind the ears are also sensitive to the touch and should not be ignored. If you really want to excite him, try nibbling on his lobes or licking around them. The sensation is guaranteed to send a shiver down his spine.


The lips may seem like a more obvious area when it comes to erogenous zones. But have you ever wondered why it feels so good to be kissed? Like ears, the lips are composed of several nerves. Therefore, it is pleasurable when we connect our lips with another’s. This act is literally joining nerve receptors together. Perhaps this is why some of us feel that “spark” upon kissing someone. You can utilize this sensual act by licking, nipping, and sucking on his lips while making out. His nerve endings won’t be able to stand it and he’ll soon by devouring you.


Even the slightest touch of the neck can raise goosebumps. This sensitive area is a highly effective spot for turning on your lover. You can easily get him in the mood by running your fingers along the nape of his neck. A light touch is really all you need. Then with time progress to stronger strokes and even grazing your nails across his skin. Seems easy, right? It is. But in no time, you’ll notice him shifting in his seat. It’s also a good idea to use your mouth. Try dabbing light kisses along his neck before sucking on his pulse point. When done at the right time, you may just cause him to bust on the spot.


A male’s chest is another erogenous zone that you will want to consider utilizing for sexual excitement. Even when flirting, placing your hand upon his chest can illicit excitement. When you’re having sex, you can also use this area to prolong his pleasure. Work your way down his body, then stop at his chest area. Place kisses along the outer parts of his nipples, teasing him slightly. Then run your tongue along his areolas before capturing his nipple in your mouth. Alternatively, you can use your tongue to flick at his nips while running your hands along his skin.


The male butt is a sensitive area, both inside and out. Even the areas around a male’s buttocks are prone to sensitivity. If you’re performing a rim job on your partner, you can use this time to really explore the sensitivity of his anus. Run your hands along his lower back, around the sides of his butt, then firmly grasp his backside. This will guarantee a good reaction from your partner. Further explore this erogenous area by placing kissing where your hands once were.

Then as you explore further you will notice his body quivering at the feeling of your tongue around his hole. Tops and bottoms can utilize the butt for pleasure. The male anus contains a g-spot that a top can aim to hit for an ultimate orgasm, while bottoms can use his butt to pull them in while thrusting.

Inner Thighs

A male’s inner thighs also contain several nerve endings. You can run your hands along the inside of his thighs to help get him hard before any sexual play. If you are preparing to give him head, you can also use these nearby areas to tease him slightly. Instead of going straight for his cock, try licking and sucking at his inner thighs. Run your tongue close to his penis, but without actually touching him. When you finally do suck him off, he’ll already be half way there. Your jaw will thank you.

Behind the Knee

Behind your lover’s knee may not instantly pop into your mind when conjuring sexual desire tactics. However, the lack of stimulation the knees face is one of the primary reasons this spot is so sensitive. The back of the knee is another area that contains several nerve receptors, but we often don’t think to touch here. This neglect makes it all the more exciting when the area is stimulated. You can run your fingers over this area while your lover stands in front of you or cup the area when lifting his legs. Though a unique place, this spot is a definite for wetting his sexual appetite.

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