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Article written by Maya Vukovska

If you think that flirting comes from within and some people are just good at it and others are not, think again! Flirting is science, and as any other science, it can be studied and applied in real life. However, flirting during the hot summer months, free as a bird, is not quite the same as the traditional club-flirting, or gym-flirting, and is definitely a galaxy away from app flirting. If you don’t feel confident enough in your flirting skills, or you’re one of those guys who think they’re too tough or too awkward to flirt, we’re here to offer a helping hand. Wanna hook up on a hot day at the beach where everyone’s in a good mood and practically naked? Let’s get you ready then.

Be self-confident and shine, baby!

Even if your body is not sculpted exactly like Zac Efron’s, tell yourself you’re feeling good about it, stand tall and prove to everyone around that you’re the hottest piece of meat out there. The others will see what you want them to see - it’s the simplest psychological trick! In addition, we’d suggest that you bounce around and even if you’re not in the right mood, just pretend you’re having the best of time. Everybody is into a fun-loving guy who acts as if he’s larger than life and is totally aware of the fact that he’s awesome. And guess what, this fun-loving guy goes home with the most numbers!

Give your phone a break

You’re not in your office, or a packed elevator, or the subway. You are by the pool, man! Or at some aloha beach bar. Here, you don’t need your phone to help you get laid tonight. When on vacation, you won’t meet anyone if you keep staring at you phone and stalking your ex on Instagram. So put the monstrous electronic device down and start making some eye contact. And if you’re lucky, the eye contact will soon transform into a different type of contact, if you know what I mean.

Bond over cocktails

Whether it’s a beach bar, or just a humble food stand for corn dogs, go there and just mingle. Don’t be too pushy, though, because people might think you’re a pathetic freak or, or worse, a perv looking for a quickie. Just follow the tried and true strategy: go to a guy to your liking who’s already having a drink, and ask him in a playful, yet composed manner what snacks or cocktails he can recommend.

An alternative version of that exercise would be to offer the guy on a neighboring table something to drink from your cooler full of icy cans and bottles. What’s important in both cases is to be active and not just lie on your towel, trying to perfect your tan.

Chose your target smartly

People who do the summer flirting should be aware of the fact that not everyone is out there looking for a non-strings-attached sex adventure. That’s why it’s vital that you clear-headedly evaluate your chances with your chosen target before taking the flirting to the next step. Even if the guy responds well to your playful attempts to make contact, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he, too, is looking for a summer fling. Trust your gut! Your intuition will tell you if you two are on the same page. Or not.

Go natural

The guys who play beach volleyball, drink beers straight from the bottle, and roast freshly harvested mussels right on the beach, don’t like the kind of man who goes around with slicked back hair and designer loafers. Sunscreen, my friend, is the only cosmetic product you need if you’re looking for a summer hookup. Flip-flops and an outworn t-shirt add to the perfect natural look that will win you friends. 

The book/magazine method

There are two variants of this ploy. You can either “accidentally” let something of yours, say, a magazine, or a baseball cap blow over onto his towel/beach chair, OR… you ask him if this French Vogue you’ve just “found” is his. Just don't try to pull this tick if a) the towel of your crush is more than 5 feet away from yours, and b) if there’s a subscription tag with your name and address on the magazine.

Summer vacations are happy times when we can focus on day drinking, banana boat riding, beach limbo, and… well, flirting and sex. And the best part is that everything that happens is short-term and you don’t really have to keep in touch with your summer fling. Unless you want to, of course…

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