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When we talk about the art of seducing straight boys, we’re entering a realm of paradox and backward logic. A place between science and superstition, between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. No, I’m not talking about the Twilight Zone, but the Straight Zone. If you want to seduce a straight guy, you must meet him in his own dojo. Allow me to elucidate.

First, you’ll need to throw out everything you’ve learned from GRINDR. Those rules not do not apply with straight boys. You must be delicate--like tending to a precious orchid. Once you’ve planted its seed, the seduction will grow and develop over time. Let him catch you changing. Comment on his abs. You have to get inside his head become the subject of his fantasies. Of course, a couple drinks also never hurt. ;)

A smile and wink from across the bar will only make you seem creepy to him. For most straight guys, their only experience in homoerotic flirting comes from the rowdy horseplay. Think about the coach slapping the quarterback on his ass. Harnessing that power of that dynamic with your desired straight boy is key. Don’t be handsy, be playful.

And as you begin to play with your prey, remember to take it slow. Heighten the sexual tension incrementally as you go. For him, the homoerotic impulses must emerge from deep within, so it takes time. You must transition from friendship, to being bros, to bromance, and then finally to romance. ;) If you’re too aggressive or eager, you’ll invariably scare him off. Be patient and absolutely do not pressure him.

Also, it may help to be attentive to his preferences in terms of the masc / fem spectrum. Lots of straight guys will have fantasies about moments of passion between their closest straight chums. Other straights guys may fetishize hyper-feminine gay men as an easier transition from women. Get to know his specific fantasies, and adjust accordingly. ;)

Finally, when the time comes, we always recommend giving him a blowjob. Everyone who owns a penis enjoys getting it sucked. That’s common ground we have with the straights and thus a good place to start his homosexual journey. Guide him, but simultaneously listen to what he wants in the moment and “be chill about it, bro.” ;) And don’t be offended if he can’t get fully erect the first time. Baby steps. ;)

Sexuality is a spectrum. Almost every guy is at least a little bit gay. So go out there and find the straight boys whose little bit includes you. ;) As long as you’re seducing in a healthy and safe way, the straight world is your oyster! Just be prepared, because a lot of guys who say they’re straight straight really are straight. But hey, don’t let that stop you from trying. ;)

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