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To all you boys out there in committed relationships, listen up. Especially in the zany dating world of today, there’s one thing that will totally doom your relationship from the outset if you don’t heed my warning. It’s more unforgivable than a surprise creampie and more alienating than infidelity. Have you guessed it?

Yep: bad communication. A lack of honesty and an excess of game-playing will drive your man away faster than anything else you could do.

A lot of couples today met using a dating app or through social media. At the very least, we all communicate to a large degree using these platforms. Sliding into someone’s DMs may be an effortless way to approach a guy you’re interested in, but if that relationship is going to blossom, it must be replanted from the internet into the real world.

In many ways, a relationship is the communication that happens between the people involved. If you can’t let down your social media persona while it’s just you two of you alone, you’ll never achieve a real connection with him.

Needless to say, good communication is also key for good sex! Tell him exactly how you want your dick sucked, and he’ll do it! It’s magic! Manifest your ideal hook-up by talking it out beforehand. Good communication truly bolsters every part of your relationship.

Yes, Millennials, that means you need to start being vulnerable and showing him who you really are. Apps like GRINDR encourage us to adopt a facade of shallow perfection--and that’s great for casual sex, but very not great for building meaningful relationships. Granted, true honesty is a complicated feat to pull off. Sometimes a white lie can actually help a relationship. (Your ass totally doesn’t look too big in those shorts, honey.) Just be honest with him about your intentions and your feelings as much as you can.

A relationship begins and ends with a verbal exchange. “Hey, sailor” all the way to “we’re through.” What you two say in between those things is what defines the relationship, and one based on lies will move very quickly towards its end. But if you practice good communication with your partner, you may never have to say, “we’re through.” ;)

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