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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Boomers, Gen-X, and now the age of the millennials: People that grew up without the power of the internet but came of age during its rise. We are a wild bunch, different than other generations in so many ways. Some may call us softer than those who came before us but we are still thriving. Perhaps because of all the damn avocado toast we consume? Nevertheless, millennials have and will always do things differently and that includes coming out to those we love and trust. So when it comes to coming out, these are the most millennial ways to go about it.

Over Avocado Toast

Millennials have long since been associated with their love of pricey toast smeared with delicious, precious avocado. So it is not surprising to think of millennials heading out for a quick bite with someone they want to confide in, someone they want to come out too. In the end, they will feel so honored you came out to them, shared yourself with them, they will offer to pay for said expensive snack.

With Takeout

When millennials are not out and about with their avocado toast, they are taking full advantage of the new technology that offers them the gift of staying in, like Postmates. That is why we’re not surprised a millennial would gather all they wanted to come out to, order some take out, and then make the full announcement while everyone was passing around their orders.

Viral Dance

How many times a day do you catch a millennial trying to go viral with the latest dance on Tik Tok? Well, they would most definitely go viral if they utilized the popular platform to come out to all those who follow them. Hell, they would probably even wind up on Ellen’s show because of it.

To 5 Roommates

With the cost of living high and student loans continuing to cripple millennials, most of us are living like the cast of ‘Friends’ with one too many roommates but not on a lavish New York City apartment. On that note, coming out to a hoard of roomies is 100% a millennial thing that happens.

Streaming Live

Unlike the Boomers and even Gen-X, you are not one to call someone or even post on the dreaded platform known as Facebook. Millennials would most definitely use Snapchat or Instagram to post their coming out. Which is sort of a bummer because how is your aunt who posts ‘Garfield’ memes supposed to see it? Guess, you can tell her at the next family gathering.

With a Text

Elder millennials like myself used to spend their nights staying up too late talking on the phone but as soon as texting was introduced, we never looked back. Now when the phone rings, we are mortified. If whoever called doesn’t leave a message then it is their fault we do not return the call, right? With that, we would rather text information nowadays than speak to anyone over the phone. That’s just the millennial way.

With an Online Match

So your family and friends didn’t know, so to tell them a millennial would just show up to dinner with a new friend they met online via Grindr, Tinder, OK Cupid, etc. See, because millennials are way more into online dating than the other generations out there. They sort of own that realm.

Homemade Etsy Gift

Millennials live for the handmade. That is why they frequent farmer’s markets and scroll through Etsy daily. So an “I’m Totally Gay” crocheted onto a personal keepsake they can then beautifully wrap in organic paper, would definitely do.

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