Article written by Kendra Beltran

When it comes to the stars and how they align, they can tell us so much; from who to date to what career choice to make. Those are valid things, yes - but we’re more interested in what the stars have to say about not only who we should fuck, but how. Yes, we’re talking sex toys! We are about to break it the fuck down and tell you just what sex toys would fare you well based on your star sign.

Aquarius | Blow Job Simulator

The number one thing about all you Aquarius’ is that you all live for your independence. Yes, you would love to have a partner by your side, who doesn’t? But if you happen to find yourself single, you don’t sweat it as much as just about everyone else on earth who isn’t as progressive as you. Being that you can be on the quiet side too, you do find yourself riding solo more often than not, and being a progressive sexual person, you’re not shy about trying anything. With that, a blowjob simulator would be your best sex toy option. It allows you to stay solo and will stimulate you just as much as a partner would.

Pisces | Massage Oils

Why hello my compassionate fish! You’re the romantic, the one who lives in their own little fantasy world most of the time, right? So while massage oils aren’t traditionally what one would consider a sex toy, it is what you would get the most pleasure out of and that’s what this is all about. Only, you wouldn’t want them used on you. No, you’d want to be the one to take charge, be in control of the fantasy, and play out that massage therapist daydream you keep having.

Aries | Whip

While you’re as passionate as the Pisces’ born before you, you’re more courageous which means you’re a risk-taker like no other who likes to be in control of the situation at hand. Of course, that means you’d want your partner to be the sub to your dom, and what better way to make that happen than to be in control with a whip in hand!

Taurus | Handcuffs

There is a reason you’re a bull, you’re stubborn as fuck! I can say that with all the love in the world because I too am a Taurus. While we’re stubborn, we’re also patient as we like to work things out with our hands by taking our time. With that, I’d suggest getting a pair of handcuffs so that you’re not only in control of the bedroom antics, but that you can take all the time you need while your partner is in submission.

Gemini | Intimacy Card Game

Many would assume Geminis would want a double ended dildo because they have that twin thing going on but no...there is so much more to Geminis! They’re a nervous bunch and quite indecisive. They also are more stimulated by words than physicalities which is why we’d suggest one of those card games that promote intimate conversations between partners.

Cancer | Ball Gag

Given the fact that Cancers are not huge on random acts of sex, and can be more emotional than some, this was hard to pin down. However, Cancers are known to do best with Taurus’. So if you have a Taurus rocking a pair of handcuffs, that’d pair amazingly with a Cancer rocking a ball gag.

Leo | Anal Vibrator

The wild childs out there. The Leos. Really, a Leo could take just about anything on this list and go with the flow because they are balls of energy that just keep going, but...Leos can sometimes be a little lazy. All of that said, an anal vibrator - something that can keep them going but have them doing a minimal amount of work - is perfection for them.

Virgo | Anal Dildo

Chances are if you’re a Virgo, you noted this post some time ago because you were busy working. Now that you’ve gotten back to it, you’re not surprised to know that because you’re the most practical of all the signs, that your sex toy would be as well. An anal dildo isn’t about the bells and whistles, it’s about getting a job done. Which is what you’re all about.

Libra | Double Ended Dildo

Everything in your life is done with grace because hello, you’re a gracious ass person who believes in balance in the world. You don’t believe sex should be one-sided at any point, which is why a double-ended dildo would please you most. It’d mean you and your partner would be satisfied at the same time, and that makes you happiest.

Scorpio | Flogger

Braving new situations is what you live for, and that includes how you go about fucking. Adventurous with your passions, you the sensuality of things like teasing. This means you would fare well in the BDSM realm, but if you’re about taking it slow - try adding a flogger into your bedroom ways first. We guarantee you’ll add more toys to your collection soon after.

Sagittarius | Feather Crop

You’re a playful lover who has a sense of humor to die for. Which means you like to fuck, but you also love to let out a laugh. So tickling? Give it a try with a new feather crop.

Capricorn | Paddle

Often times the way we are in the real world translates heavily into our sex life. Being as disciplined as you are, you live for the rules and when one doesn’t follow said rules? Well, a light spanking is in order with a new sexy paddle.