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Article by Corey Wright

It’s 2018. You’d be surprised at the number of guys who’re still ashamed of using a toy, as if it’s a taboo subject. Even more surprising is the number of couples who (if they were toy captains before) have forsaken their old friends. Well, I’m here to tell you that there ain’t nothin’ wrong with having some fun with your man and inviting some enhanced play into the mix. Sex toys with couples can help sessions last longer and can help you be more attentive as sexual partners. #WinWin. Here are a few toys for us boys to help us spice it up when the lights go down.

Prostate Massager.

A must have. This guy is meant to stimulate the G-spot -- yes, big boy, you have a G-spot also called a P-Spot...and it feels good -- that’s found inside your ass while working your taint at the same time. This is perfect for the top and bottom who wants to pace bottom exploration to move towards versatility. Nothing like a good ole’ flip fuck. (As a bonus: Get one that vibrates and gyrates.)

Strap on Dildos.

Strap-ons aren’t just for lesbians. Fellas, you can play with one of these, too. It’s hollow enough for you to put your dick in and big enough to satisfy your bottom boy. You’ll both be coming in no time. They come in up to 10 inches for you size queens.

Port A Plow. WTF?

If you’re familiar with metal sling frames, you know they’re awesome but can be a chore to assemble. Good for those sexy men who like to travel, the Porta Plow is lightweight and easy to travel. Bottoms, get drilled legs-up, sling-style, anywhere. Tops, you only have to hold those legs if you want to. This keeps that hole exposed for some deep seeded action, and for the “taker,” you can just sit back, out your feet up (literally), and stay fixed on getting plowed anywhere. It’s comfortable. The toy and the plowing. :-)

Fuck Bench.

Ass up, buttercup. This isn’t your typical bench. It delivers that ass doggy style and includes a bondage option. The Top is in charge here so if you’re into more dom/sub play, you’ll want this. Bottom Babe, your head stays down while that sweet hole is tilted up. You can rest your legs, arms, and body while you’re getting pleasured.

Tenga Deep Throat.

For those nights when you’re horny and wanna get off, but the “shop’s closed.” Take it a step beyond just stroking one another (a great option) and dive your dick into this toy. The deep throat cup does make sounds (just like a real blow job) so if you’re trying to keep it quiet, you might wanna explore another option. But if you and your boy are rip, roarin’, and ready to go stick it in. It’s pre-lubed with soft jelly nubs and ribs that will curl your toes and shooting your load in not time. Special feature: top air vent so you can control the intensity.

These are just a few of the many toys couples can enjoy together. At the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying one another and making each other feel good and sexy. Oh. And don’t forget the lube.

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