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Article by: Stephanie Davies

Okay, you’ve mastered the selfie. And sure, maybe you’re also familiar with the dick pic. But if the butt selfie (or ‘belfie’) leaves you feeling like you need to take a yoga or acrobatics class, you’re not alone.

It can be hard to capture that perfect booty shot. The good news is, there are tips and tricks you can use to take a butt selfie so perfect that even a Kardashian would be proud. Sit that glorious ass down and take note.


These two tips really apply to all photography, but they’re important to remember. You want a flattering light that’s going to bounce off your ass in all the right places – not washed-out fluorescent light and definitely not an iPhone flash. Natural light is a good bet, so put yourself near a window to warm those buns up.

You’ll also want to try a few different angles until you find the winner. Facing slightly away from the camera is usually the most flattering pose – think a three-quarter profile, but with your butt. You can also try standing on the balls of your feet, or angling your ass closer to the camera than upper-body to make it look bigger.


Belfies are what the selfie stick was made for. Well, maybe not exactly, but there’s no better tool to help maximize your maximus (gluteus maximus that is).

A selfie stick will up your butt pic game by opening up a whole world of new options. They allow you to get the angle you want without bending yourself into a pretzel or trying to work out your camera’s timer settings. You can also snap away while lying in bed, or even in the shower. Just don’t get the camera wet.


Take plenty of photos before you scroll through your solo photo session to find the winner. You’ll want at least five pics with a variety of different angles, but really the more the merrier. If there’s ever a time in your life in which pure unadulterated vanity is encouraged, it’s taking a belfie.

Play around, nobody ever takes a perfect photo of themselves the first shot. You might be surprised which photo makes those sweet cheeks really stand out.


There’s a reason bathroom mirrors are a butt pic staple. It’s because they combine all the essential elements of a steamy pic: they’re convenient, they’re casual, and there’s usually a naked person in them.

Make sure you check the composition of the shot first and make sure nothing is reflected in the mirror that you don’t want your audience to see – or just pray your ass is so entrancing it won’t matter.


Ditch the dud undies and put on something special for this photo. Sure, nude is nice, but there’s nothing more flattering than the right, tight boxer brief (Instagram won’t ban you for it either!).

Sexy underwear will show off your curves in all the right places and take your belfie game to the next level. A picture speaks a thousand words, after all, and you want all of yours to be saying “DAMN!”


Snapping a pic right after the gym, when the muscles are biggest, is the perfect time to show off that hard-earned ass. You can even take your butt selfie during your workout - if you’re feeling brave.

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