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It’s not exactly difficult to get me turned on, that’s no secret. If I see a hot guy doing pretty much anything that could be construed as sexual, I am instantly hard as nails. However, sometimes the sexiest things of all are things that, on a technical level, are not sexual. Let me count the ways...

5. When he drives me in his car

There’s something about being driven by a guy that really just stiffens up my pants. Especially if he’s driving confidently and his car is immaculately cared for, ooooo baby that’s a turn on.

4. When he smiles and laughs

There’s something about the way a hot guy laughs. Head back, smiling with his eyes, mouth open, blushed cheeks. Funny guys know that this is the reward for a well-timed quip, and it’s a high you can get addicted to easily. Just thinking about it is getting me all hot and bothered.

3. When he cooks AND does the dishes

If a man has the absolute chivalry to cook my ass a gourmet meal AND clean up afterwards, I literally jizz in my pants on the spot. This shows that he’s classy, he’s sophisticated, and he’s willing to pamper me. And I would be more than happy to pay him back with a little whipped cream blowjob dessert.

2. When he works out / does manual labor

Yass, work those arms, daddy. Anyone who has seen a jacked stud lift a heavy object with his big bulging man arms knows that few sights are as downright delectable. Just let a beefcake strangle me with his massive hairy biceps and I’ll die happy.

1. When he’s being himself

But the sexiest explicitly non-sexual thing that a guy can do is to just be himself. Oh, and you can tell. Once a guy gets fully comfortable around men and has totally let his guard down, there is nothing sexier. Letting his quirks all hang out in the open, oversharing, awkwardly farting really loud next to me, etc. When he’s being himself, that means he feels safe around me. And that shit is hot.

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