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Take in a big whiff. You smell that? Go ahead and let waft the sweet essence of man-musk. There are no stenches quite so intoxicating as the ones produced by a hunky bod. And for your olfactory convenience, here are the top seven most arousing man-smells:

6. Cologne and sweat

There’s something magical about that sweet spot when his cologne has mixed with just enough sweat. It creates a powerful aphrodisiac which I would definitely buy if sold in candle form. Just saying.

5. Hair

Sometimes you just want to bury your nose in his gorgeous locks. The scent of some dude’s hair is enough to drive me made with lust.

4. Fresh out of the shower skin

Don’t get me wrong, dirty boys smell great too, but there’s something about that squeaky clean scent of a guy just after he’s walked out of the shower. It helps if he’s only wearing a towel too.

3. Precum / cum

Call me crazy, but one of the most intoxicating scents can sometimes be that of jizz. Although some consider it to be chemically and offensive, to me it’s just a smelly reminder of the fun we had.

2. Cock and Balls

Yup, it’s hard to beat a good whiff his junk stench. Sometimes it can be just enough to knock a man unconscious, but it’s worth it. Forget poppers, a couple sniffs of his dick up close and personal will do the same job.

1. Used underwear

You guessed it, the Moby Dick of man-scents: his used underwear. There is no scent on planet Earth more arousing than a face-full of smelly used underwear. Jockstraps, boxers, or anyway you like it, undie stench just can’t be topped. It combines all the most aromatic ingredients of the aforementioned odors, but all wrapped up in one perfect package that can be balled up and used on the go! And that’s why used underwear is the #1 most arousing men stench. I think I’ll have a whiff now!

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