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We're all still trapped in that socially-distant, quarantine lifestyle. And that means plenty of time to sit around, watch porn, jerk off, and gradually acquire more and more new fetishes that previously--well, you just didn't have the time to explore! Or maybe the psychosis of isolation is just making us horny in unpredictable new ways! Either way, odds are you're no longer jerking off to the same stuff that you were jerking off to before the pandemic began. And if you are, heed this list and spice things up!

1. Bondage and submission

Call it Stockholm Syndrome, but being locked up in our tiny studio apartments for 10-14 days after each potential exposure to COVID has got us feeling a bit... masochistic? In fact, it's got us craving additional bondage. If can't leave myself, I might as well let a hunky Daddy tie me up and tease me. That's called making lemonade from life's lemons.

2. Chastity

Legend tells of a rare breed of man. When quarantine was first announced, he decided to not cum until this pandemic was behind us. COVID chastity is sweeping the nation as we all get a taste for how exhilarating the process of the deprivation and desire can be. And don't worry, you won't be locked up permanently, so we might as well enjoy being chaste?

3. Cyber Sex

Unless you have a steady partner, "safe sex" has pretty much become an oxymoron in the COVID world. There is no dick long enough to allow for fucking from six feet apart (but if you do have a six foot cock then please DM me). In lieu of actual physical hookups, men are turning to their webcams to simulate the sexual experience. And folks, we're here for it! Sure you can't cuddle afterwards, but you can hop into a Discord server and play Among Us!

4. Outdoor fun

If you live in a big city, COVID has probably made you desperate for some greenery and outdoors. Spending time in parks and forests is great to rejuvenate your mental health. And while they're there, some guys are sneakily answering the call of the wild. We highly recommend AGAINST doing this since it could wind you up in jail, but if you've got a fenced off private backyard, try taking a tumble in the grass!

5. Underwear fetish

Can underwear be considered a sex toy? Here at Andrew Christian, these are the deep philosophical questions we ponder. And when you're locked up for quar, you've got plenty of time to try assorted types of jockstraps, thongs, and briefs to see how they effect your sexuality, confidence, and horniness. If you don't have an underwear fetish, then you're wearing the wrong kind!

6. Voyeurism

No touching, but you can watch! With COVID quar, I think we've all become voyeurs of sorts. We're either watching a screen, gazing out a window, or creeping on that hunk in spandex at the grocery store. COVID has taken away much, but it will never take away our propensity for peeping.

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