Yes, you can call him by his name, but sometimes that can get boring. Maybe you have a cute little pet name for him, but "honey bunny" might sound weird getting yelled during sex. Well, lucky for you, we've got your dirty talking game covered. Here's seven situationally sexy things to call him so you never have to resort to dull nomenclature again! And like everything in sex, make sure you confirm with him that he enjoys these names before you call him them!

1. Daddy

You either love it or hate it, but "daddy" is sweeping the nation. Generally the term is best used to refer to older more dominant men. Ironically though, younger gays seem to use it most. Actual gay fathers may see their mileage vary with this term. Change the "d" to a "z" for a fun twist!

2. Boy

Likewise, calling someone "boy" during sex is a good for power differential fucking. If he calls you daddy, then "boy" might be an appropriate way to respond. "Son" is obviously a bit too... intimate. But calling him "boy" let's him know that you're in charge and are gonna treat him like the toy he is.

3. Bro

Calling your man "bro" during sex might be an immediate boner-killer. Don't refer to your beloved husband as this, but if you're jerking off your hyper-masc gym buddy, then swallow that bro's cum and then dap him up.

4. Babe / Baby

"Babe" and "baby" are tried and true pet names that are especially notable for being non-gendered. Babe is affectionate, warm but also implies a bit of guardianship... which is sexy! If he's a big dominant man though, he might find it insulting.

5. Slut

Some guys don't like to be demeaned during sex. Some absolutely need it! Make sure to clear this with him beforehand, or calling him a "good slut" might totally kill the mood.

6. Master / Sir

If your role in sex is to please your master, then you sure better call him sir! Make sure to ask him "please sir" before begging for any sort of your own satisfaction.

7. His Name

Of course, if all else fails, then saying his name can truly be the hottest thing to call him!