By: Claude Shy

You love being a top. You’re pretty confident that your skills are great – at least, you haven’t had any complaints so far. But how savvy are you when it comes to the foreplay that precedes anal? Would you consider yourself a cunnilingus connoisseur? Let’s face it, there are a lot of guys out there who want to jump right into the anal without giving foreplay the spotlight it deserves. We’re here to change your perception on foreplay and equip you with some tools so that you and your partner can really be game.

Image owned by AndrewChristian

Take Your Time

As alluded to earlier, it’s easy to jump on the train to Pound Town, but you really you should be driving down Foreplay Highway for a while first. There are a few reasons that more foreplay can lead to a more successful session. The most obvious reason is that foreplay gets you in the mood for what’s to come. If you’re constantly on the edge of anal for a while, once you and your partner get that release, the payoff will seem so much more intense. Additionally, your bottom will benefit significantly from some non-anal sex first. Try warming him up with fingers and tongue for a while. This will get his body horny and overall more adjusted to being played with. He’ll start to loosen up and then the topping can begin. After all, have you tried bottoming without being fully aroused? Not the best experience.

Switch it Up

Maybe you love sucking dick, but you’re not a fan of eating ass. There are plenty of guys out there that are horrified at the thought of going down on a man down there. On the opposite end, maybe you love rimming, but dick just isn’t your forte. A word of advice, switch it up. This is exciting for new partners, but it’s especially exciting for long-term partners. Having one part of your body tended to may feel great, but it can get a little stale if you’ve come to expect the same experience every time. Giving head? Flip him over and give his ass some attention. The surprise of it all is sure to get his blood flowing and get him even more excited for what could be around the corner.

image owned by AndrewChristian

Communicate with Your Partner

Just as you may prefer one type of foreplay, your bottom probably does too. It’s easy to assume that everyone loves a blowjob or rimjob, but there are plenty of bottoms out there who aren’t a fan of getting head, just like there are bottoms who aren’t a fan of getting rimmed. We’re not saying you have to flat out ask your bottom, “So, do you like having your ass eaten?” Bring up the subject casually. Give the waters a bit of a test. Maybe try something like, “What are some things that really turn you on? What are some things you’re not really a fan of?” This lets you save face and can help you get your face sat on if you know what you’re doing.

Experiment with Toys and Products

Maybe you’ve tried everything and there’s still something you just don’t like about foreplay or going down on someone. Incorporate some toys or products into the bedroom. Want to stimulate a bottom without using your own fingers? Try using small plugs. Not a fan of the taste or smell of ass? There’s scented and flavored liquids and lotions that can make the experience more enjoyable. Maybe you have a strong gag reflex. There’s throat-numbing spray that will have you blowing like a champion! The point is, while you may not exactly prefer foreplay, there are ways to make it pleasurable, and trust us, your bottom will appreciate it.