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If you're not aware of Turkish Oil Wrestling, sit on down and get ready for a little history lesson. This overt display of masculinity and tradition dates back to ancient Sumer and Babylon (not the Queer as Folk Babylon, the ACTUAL Babylon). Men strip down to a traditional calfskin trouser and then proceed to oil each other up in a display of balance and mutual respect, which is exactly what I have listed in my Grindr profile. Then, they proceed to try and pin each other down and if these photos are any indication, the strategy seems to be shoving one's hand down the other's pants. We'd be placed in the Varsity league immediately. Originally, these matches went as long as it took until someone emerged victorious - sometimes even days. But after years they finally figured out what we already know - that when it feels like it's taking days to finish off another guy, it's just not worth it - they capped the matches at 40 minutes. Which is just enough for a little fun while still having time for a post-activity snack and a full night of sleep. For the record, we are fully in support of this sport, but we just don't understand why this is considered a cultural event when the police officer said our kiddie pool lube wrestling was a public nuisance.

Enjoy a few photos from this special event, and be sure to pick up one of our FUKR Expose Singlet for some sexy wrestling!

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