Article written by Kendra Beltran

When it comes to the hassle of moving, people always mention the packing, unpacking, security deposit and whatnot but no one ever mentions how hard it can be to start over in terms of friendships. Moving to a new place, you're of course going to stay in touch with those you've left behind but what about making new friends in a whole new place? While it's easy for natural social butterflies to spread their wings and have a new circle of friends within weeks, it's really difficult for the rest of us who don't know where to start. Never fear, we're here to give you some advice and suggestions on some of the most unconventional places to make friends that you probably never thought of.

Intramural Sports

Active people won't have any problems making friends if they seek out an adult sports league in their area. It's a way to not only stay fit in a new city but to also build lasting friendships with their teammates. Think your city doesn't have an adult sports league? Think again! Most major cities have everything from dodgeball to baseball to basketball. One quick search online and you can find one that fits you. Then you can start making new friends along the way.


If team sports aren't your thing, I see you. I get you. I am you. Because of that, I'm suggesting that you still get your fitness friend-making on, but just do it on a more one on one level. Many gyms offer free classes. If you continue to show up to the same one at the same time, you'll likely start running into the same crop of people. Those people also indulging in free spin classes could very well turn into your new best friends.

A Class

Speaking of classes, if fitness ones aren't your style that's okay. There are plenty of community colleges and centers that offer a wide array of classes for adults just looking to add a new skill to their lives. Whether it's cooking or dancing, you're bound to find at least one person in a class who could be your bestie.


Every friend I made after high school was through music. We met just standing around in line at concerts. We already knew we had at least one thing in common (the artist we were there to see), and then the conversation just went from there. So the next time you head out to see your favorite band when they're in town, get there a little early for some line time and start chitty chatting with whoever is in front of behind you.

Comedy Show

The same rules apply to comedy shows. You already know they're fans of whoever you're there to see and with so many comedians having their own podcasts, you can easily talk about something they said on one of their latest episodes as well. Next thing you know you're buying each other shots at the bar all night and making instant, hilarious memories. Also, if they're at a comedy show, you know they have to have a great sense of humor. Bonus!

Dog Park

Here's the tea about a dog park friendship, you first and foremost have to have a damn dog. Don't be that weirdo who is lurking in the bushes at a dog park, pretending to have a dog just to meet people. That is going to make a lot of red flags pop up around you. So if you don't have a dog, please skip this. If you do, then leash that pup up and head to your local dog park. And hey, this isn't just about you making a friend. Your dog can too.

Fandom Meetups

This one is for all the fanboys out there because if you're a self-proclaimed nerd, then you know that meeting people who also freak out over that stuff is too pure. Personally, I could talk about '90s pop culture all damn day with someone I've just met. Which is why I love going to comic book conventions because nowadays, they're about so much more. No matter what your fandom is, you can meet someone there who shares it. You can also look for groups online that meet locally outside of cons to hang out and talk about their favorite fandoms as well.

Public Transit

Taking public transit to and from work can be a major pain. This is something I know to be oh so true, but it's always a little more enjoyable once you make a friend on your commute. That bus friend you see during the work week could very well transform into a real-life friend you see when you two aren't surrounded by a bunch of other strangers just trying to make it to their destination.