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Whether it's for the man of your dreams or the man of your night, Andrew Christian has gifts that will look good on any guy in your life. Check out our gift guide to find the right fit:

The Boyfriend:

Hands down the most crucial Valentine's Day gift. No matter how long you've been dating, Valentine's Day is the day to show off. So, what better way than with a pair of lips around your jock? The Kiss Me Jock or Kiss Me Bikini are great for any relationship; need to spice things up in the bedroom? Need to remind him of how sexy he his? Need to say 'I'm sorry'? The Kiss Me collection will do all of those things for you... and they will make sure he returns the favor.


The Crush:
Valentine's gifts for your crush is a sensitive subject. You want something that won't scare him off, but something that still subtly says you think about him naked. Go for the Eggplant Emoji Tank Top. It's a nice way of saying 'I want to put my 🍆 all over your chest' without actually saying anything! We're really doing the Lord's work here at Andrew Christian.2534_emoji-tank-_3_

The Husband:
You've got him locked down, now you've just gotta show him that you care. The Anchor Brief and Anchor Jock are classic looks for men of all ages. It doesn't matter if you're on a boat or landlocked in the bedroom, your hubby will be dying to show these off. anchor

The GBF (Gay best friend):
So maybe you're not trying to get laid by that special someone this year. The least you can do is get him something he'll be happy to put up to his lips every morning. Filled to the brim with coffee or wine, The Sex = Power = Freedom mug collection will help your GBF start his day off right. For the perfect pairing for one of our mugs, look no further than the Phallus Pendant. This door buster deal will let him keep what he loves close to his heart. accessories

The Ex:
Trying to get back with the one that got away? Don't let him get away again with the FUKR slick boxer or slick thong. Remind him of what kind of FUKR you are while simultaneously reminding him of what kind of FUKR he is for breaking your heart.


The Unrequited Love (AKA The Friendzoner):
It's a pretty bad situation to be in. Maybe you two are 'just friends' despite your best efforts. Maybe it's an office romance that you're looking to take a step further. Either way, it's time to get straight to the point this Valentine's Day with the Let's Fuck Tee. Say 'goodbye' to mixed messages and 'hello' to the sex of your dreams.10185-_1_

The Gay Who Has It All:
We all know him. Always on top of the newest trends, extremely fashionable, probably doesn't eat gluten, etc... What do you get someone who already has everything? The new Sex = Power = Freedom Book includes 200 pages of beautiful photos of all of your favorite Andrew Christian models like you've never seen them before. Straight from Andrew's desk to your coffee table, this book will impress even the most picky receivers. Better yet, schedule a date for you and your Valentine to stop by the Sex = Power = Freedom book signing tour where you can pick up a free limited-edition gold copy of our Sex = Power = Freedom.trophyboy_final1-_100_

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