Article written by Alexander Rodriguez, host of On the Rocks with Alexander

Warren Godman is living his best life. You never know where his hot Fansite content will pop up next. Taking advantage of his handsome looks, lean and tall stature, and rather large…personality…Warren packed his bags, left the UK, and has been traveling around the globe filming hot content. Though a newbie to the scene, he has quickly developed a fan base.

He’s a total sweetheart who can charm you over a drink, or in bed. He’s not bashful about exploring his sexuality and has no set plans in the adult industry, he’s just enjoying the ride. His accent is as cute as his bubble butt, and we are excited to see what other content (and collaborators) he brings to the table (or the bed). He stopped by to chat about his start in the biz, which country has the sexiest boys, his celeb crush, and his fantasy scene:

What inspired you to start filming for your Fansite?

I actually started my Onlyfans because I was fed up with working a 9 to 5 and giving all my time to a company for a wage that allowed me to just survive. I think time is very important, we’re only here once so we have to make the best of life while we can because we just don’t know when it’s our time to move on. The adult industry allows me to travel and create content absolutely anywhere in the world, giving me all the free time I need as well as earning a decent wage. That’s what attracted me to create my own Fansite as well as being my own boss - I don’t have to answer to anyone it’s really nice.

Have you always been sexual?

Yes! I’ve always been a horny little fucker 😂ever since my younger teenage years, I loved to watch porn and get up to mischief.

You travel all around the globe...which country has the sexiest boys?

I’ve actually come to find that Argentina has a huge market for adult workers and the guys are really hot, too, but I do also love a Brit and an American 😜

What do your friends and family think about your filming content?

I’m actually really lucky, I have a really laid-back family who doesn’t really care about what I do for work, they support me and allow me to choose the life I want because they know it’s allowing me to live the way I want to. But saying that, they don’t know exactly every detail of what I film - 😂some secrets are best kept as secrets. Also, my friends are really chill about my line of work, actually, a few of them can’t believe how well I do through my Onlyfans and a few of them are very tempted to create accounts so they can escape the stress of a normal 9 to 5 working routine.

Would you consider yourself a porn star?

I would consider myself an average content creator, I’m not full-on professional just yet.

Why do you think there is still such a stigma regarding being an adult content creator?

I think it’s a generational thing, it’s a lot more acceptable in today’s society than it was even 5/10 years ago, and the market has grown so much over the past few years. I think adult work always has this stigma of being dirty and seedy because you’re filming sexual experiences that would normally happen behind closed doors and then broadcasting it to the world on a platform. So I can see why some people would think this but it’s really not, the adult community is huge and we all support each other in all aspects of our work. When we film with other creators we have so much fun, it’s not just about sex or performing for the camera, we actually have such a laugh on set, and most of the time end up laughing so much because we struggle to get hard or just break into a fit of laughter filming a scene. It’s just our job! We don’t take it too seriously, we have fun with it and it allows us to have the freedom we want. I can see why older generations would struggle more with the concept of adult work and that’s because they grew up in such a different time and era to us. Things are changing and work opportunities are becoming easier and easier for people to escape the normality of being trapped in a 9 to 5.

You hail from the UK...what do you the English boys do better in bed than anywhere else?

Well, I guess you have to subscribe to my Onlyfans (wazgod121) to see why English boys do it better 😜

Besides filming content, what other hobbies/talents do you have?

My main joy and love in life is traveling, I’ve been fortunate to travel and experience places all over the world, all while creating beautiful memories, experiencing different cultures, and meeting amazing new people in all aspects of life. I’m also working towards property buying and selling houses as well as renovating them that sort of thing.

Who is your celebrity crush?

My celeb crush would have to be Justin Bieber!

What is the last TV show you binge-watched?

I’ve recently finished Stranger Things and I absolutely love the show and the concept - if you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out.

What is the fantasy type of scene you want to film?

I really want to film a really hot orgy scene with multiple guys.

How is the sex you have off camera the most different than the sex you have on camera?

It’s not really, I like to perform well every time 😜

What sex tips can you share?

I like to keep it unwrapped if you catch my meaning 😈

What is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

I actually went all out and booked a luxury resort in Bali that had a private pool. Upon arrival, the bed was covered in red rose petals saying “I love you,” the rose petals then continued all the way into the bathroom and filled up the bath and also led out into the private pool. It was followed by a floating breakfast in the morning which was incredible, a couples massage on our balcony. Later that evening, the hotel set up a dinner table beautifully next to the main pool, and again decorated the floor and pool with thousands of roses and candles and served us the best 5-course meal I’ve ever had. That was the honeymoon stage 🤣

What kind of underwear are you wearing around the house?

I’m always naked if I’m alone 😂but the days I do wear underwear I love a pair of briefs.

What kind of underwear do you love seeing on other guys?

It’s got to be briefs.

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christian undies, what would they look like?

I love plain and simple, nude and neutral colours, and small logos.

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