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Article written by Kendra Beltran

In case you haven’t heard, there is a global pandemic and we’re *checks notes* several months in with no clear sign of an end and if you think that’s the worst of it - think again. Because on top of a virus that has medical professionals as baffled as your great aunt who cannot comprehend that the man you live with in a one-bedroom is not a roommate, America is in the midst of a heated, historic election. It is A LOT to deal with and for many, it’s gotten us feeling like complete shit, and when you feel like shit, you’re less likely to want to be like Missy Elliot and get your freak on. While we cannot supply you with a vaccine or promise you that the 2020 election would end like a fairy tale instead of a nightmare, we can give you suggestions to lift your spirits and get out of this slump and get you in the mood to hump.

Turn Off The News

The news is comprised of 99% sadness and outrage (car crashes, death tolls, homelessness, impending doom) and 1% wholesome content (a baby dressed as AOC, an animal doing something humans do, a grandma on TikTok). It’s hard to ignore what’s going on in the world at this given moment, but sometimes you’ve got to walk away from it all. From national coverage to those wacky local anchors, turn them off so you can have a mental break from it and hopefully start to get turned on by the thought of plowing a hot piece of ass.

Stop Doomscrolling

It’s not enough to turn off your TV or step away from YouTube. You have to run away from your social media accounts too. This is advice I’m trying like hell to do myself because it’s a nasty habit to wake up, grab your phone, and instantly get down in the dumps about well, everything. It’s a horrible way to start your day. Hell, it’s a horrible way to exist. All of that bad news on your timeline can and will get to you and in the end fucks with your mentality with its comes to fucking. How can anyone get hard when their timeline is complete chaos?

Delete The Haters

Our last piece of advice is to go on a cleaning spree. No, not your closet that has jeans from when you were in your teens, but seriously...toss those. We’re talking about the people you follow on social media. It’s one thing to be bombarded by negativity by complete strangers on the internet, but those who supposedly have love for you? Your feed should only bring you joy and if it doesn’t, Marie Kondo their asses and delete. Once you clear the clutter that is rude ass people from your life, you’ll feel more at ease and when you’re at ease, you can please...yourself.

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