Article written by Kendra Beltran

Whether it's the fact that you two have been together for a while and have just gotten so comfortable with one another, are bogged down by a busy routine, or are just in a rut - your sex life being as dormant as a bear during winter can lead to a definite uncoupling if not addressed properly. But never fear, we're here to give some suggestions on how to spice your sex life right back up in no time!

Role Play

There is no doubt that you love your partner, but sometimes our nether regions need to shake things up using our imaginations. That is why stepping into the shoes of various characters, or rather roles could help get motors running at top speeds again. Plus, when it comes to role-playing, the possibilities are endless!

Incorporate Sex Toys

Couples that have yet to explore the wonderful world of sex toys could benefit from them. From cock rings to vibrators, sex toys add a level of sexual exploration and satisfaction to the mix.

Think Outside the Bedroom

Changing where you fuck is just as important as switching up how you fuck. If you've just been doing it repeatedly in your bedroom, a location change just may do the trick. Start small by moving to the living room, then the shower, the kitchen, hell - even add your car to your sex tour. Just remember the law when it comes to sex locale!

Take a Vacation

When you've run out of options at the homestead, pack a bag and get the fuck outta town. Plus, vacations allow for next-level role-playing because you two could "meet" at the hotel bar and take it to Jew heights from there.

Get Some Rest

Sometimes a lackluster sex life is due to nothing more than a lack of sleep. So hit the hay early, so you can tap that ass better.

Eat Right

Another reason your sex life could be dwindling is that you're eating like you're 15 years younger than you are. A horrendous diet impacts so much of our day to day, including our sexual stamina and drive. If this is your case, you may wanna think twice about what you put in your body...when it comes to food.

Workout More

Bad eating habits are one thing, but being as active as a sloth is another. Exercise isn't just about posting gym selfies. Schedule out time each week to at least take a walk or three so you can build up endurance.

Talk About The Issue

All of the above can help, but they'll only be temporary solutions if you and your partner don't talk about your meh sex life. It may seem awkward as fuck to bring up, but if you want to stay together then it's best to be open, upfront, and honest with one another from the start.

Sex Therapist

It can help to bring a third party into the conversation if you two can't get to the core of the issue on your own.

Date Again

We can get so caught up in our routines that we get too comfortable with one another. This isn't a bad thing, but it can also mean that you and your partner turn into more old besties binging TV shows instead of a couple that fucks on the regular. So our last bit of advice is to try and actually date again. Ditch the sweats and streaming services, and take your relationship back to those early days when it was fresh. Remember why you two came to be, and you'll never forget the sex y'all used to have!