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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Having come of age during a time where texting and hiding behind a screen were slowly starting to become the norm has made it kind of weird for me to really grasp the art form that is dirty talk. This sucks because I have been told time and time again I would make a killing if I were to go into phone sex because of my voice, but alas...I can’t string together a sexy sentence to save my life. So if you are like me and lack in the sexual communication department, let’s take a look at these ways that can help us all raise the bar and improve our dirty talk game.

Practice in the Mirror

Talking dirty sometimes makes you feel stupid if you are not sure of yourself. This is because you are lacking self-confidence. A way to improve that and get more comfortable with yourself is to practice various lines in front of the mirror. You not only get to work on saying the words, but you get familiar with yourself so that when the time comes, you are not questioning how you both sound, and look.

Read Romance Novels

Yes, the cheese level of romance novels would make the Lactose intolerant weak but there is a reason these books rake in major cash. You do not have to necessarily take these lines and repeat them, but instead, embrace the nuance of these horny tales and then put your personal spin on them.

Start a Journal

If you are not a whiz with words, it is time to bust out the old school materials; a pen and paper. You can grab a composition book for less than a dollar, and start a journal so that way you can start to expand your vocabulary in a way that puts the words in front of your face. Oftentimes, when we can’t speak clearly - it is because the words do not formalize in our head right. This is a small thing you can do that can have big results.

Watch Porn

Why not go to the source of sexual talk and watch some porn to get some tips about not only what to say, but how to say it? It doesn’t hurt to take a lesson or two from the professionals. Just remember, that sometimes porn can be a little extreme - so proceed with caution on this one.

Take an Improv Class

If you are the type that gets all mixed up when they feel under pressure - I get it. Improv will not teach you how to talk sexy but it will help to keep you on your toes, and how to play off another person. So the next time you are in bed with someone and the conversation takes a sexual turn, you can roll with the punches in a way that highlights how well you can go with the flow.

Don’t Shy Away from Presentations

If you work in a field that calls for people to get up and talk in front of coworkers, stop sitting them out and opting to be the notetaker. You will never be comfortable with your own voice in the bedroom if you do not utilize it in other aspects of your life.

Learn a New Language

When someone speaks a different language in bed, OMFG. They could be rattling off a grocery list, and your dick would still be as hard as a trigonometry class at Harvard. So if you want to step up your dirty talk, learn how to say some hot shit in another language. Hell, you could learn a handful of random words and still turn a bitch on just as long as they do not actually know the new language you learned.

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