Article written by Sam Machado

Feeling lucky? St. Patrick’s Day is this Thursday so let’s get on those holiday games, shall we? Whether you’re in a relationship or have a fuck buddy you want to have some fun with, here are some bizarre activities you can try before you lepre-cum.

Irish Accents

Show off your best accent chops by using an Irish tone. Saying “I’m gonna fuck you up, bitch” can sound a lot hotter when you have an accent. Even just a flirty voice message to your lover can get him worked up if you say “Fuck me like a man” as if you’re an Irish leprechaun. It might seem silly to try this, but have you heard Jamie Dornan speak? The man is Irish and has a stunning tone.

Green Undies

When you’re stripping down to your undies, you gotta keep up with the St. Patrick’s Day tradition. It’s a fun way to get down and dirty with your guy when you have the proper color! Green boxer briefs would be hot as fuck, but what about some AC jocks and thongs? We’ve got plenty!

Beer Foam

Crack open a bottle and take a sip. Then when your man is lying down ready to get pounded, maybe you take some beer foam and rub it all over his ripped chest. Then turn him over and pour some of that beverage all over his ass. It can be a good substitute for lube, plus he’ll taste good back there…

Painted Clovers

If beer foam isn’t your thing, maybe add some body paint on your own ass. Your man will feel extra lucky when he finds that four-leaf clover right where he wants you. It’s just your way of telling him how lucky he is to find that clover in his favorite spot!

Fuck While Watching the Leprechaun Movies

Of all the weird things you can try this St. Patrick’s Day, this might be the weirdest one! The Leprechaun movies are so dumb with ridiculous dialogue and cringey kill scenes, but hey- they’re still St. Patrick’s Day movies. So if you’re casually seeing someone and want to have a movie night together, this would be a fun choice to have on as you get right into the fucking. With the way these movies are, it’s likely you’ll want to focus on your man’s dick instead of that creepy monster.