Article written by Sam Machado

It's the most wonderful time of the year. There are lots of things that gay men would like to see underneath their tree, even just once. Sure, they're not items you would buy online or in a store, but one can dream, right?! So what would make the perfect Christmas present for every gay man? Here's a look at what we would love to see on Christmas morning...and if we don't find what we're looking for, there are some substitutions...

1) Equality

Say what you want, we're not there yet. Until the day comes when same-sex marriage is no longer in politics, we can talk about intimacy without anyone cringing, and we can hold hands in public without any fear, then maybe we'll be a step closer.

What You Can Have Instead:

Your voice. Speak out, fight for what is right, and shut down ignorance every time it happens.

2) Your Favorite Porn Star

Wouldn't it be a dream to see your favorite stud wrapped in a tight little bow as he waits for you to make him blow? Sounds pretty damn perfect.

What You Can Have Instead:

Your favorite sex toy. Perhaps, you can raise your boundaries with a giant dildo this year. Be invincible!

3) Exquisite Good Looks

It would be lovely if we could have the most handsome face in the world with big arms, a ripped chest, and a huge cock. Sometimes we envision this just so we could get more attention from guys we're attracted to so they can make us feel sexually and emotionally satisfied.

What You Can Have Instead:

Self- love. And lots of it. Look at every last inch of yourself and love it all. Confidence and self-love is far more attractive then a nice scruff or a six-pack. Your physical features add character to who you are. And if you want to make a change in your looks, that's okay too! You are beautiful. You are you!

4) A Stress-Free Holiday

Growing up, a lot of us probably had family members ask if you had a girlfriend or when you're going to get married...during a time when same-sex marriage was not only illegal, but unheard of. It would be great to talk about ourselves or bring our significant others home for the holidays without any fear or discomfort about being judged.

What You Can Have Instead:

Self-care. Thankfully, this year, we're not supposed to be in large crowds so you don't need to be near that distant relative who won't STFU about your dating life. But it's really about doing what's best for you. If you see family this year, you can avoid subjects you don't want to get into. It's your business and no need to bring up anything you would rather not discuss. But if you would like to talk about your life more, then go for it. Or, spend Christmas on your own and enjoy a day of doing nothing. The way you take care of your mental health is entirely up to you and however you choose to do it is just fine.

5) True Love

Oh, yes...if only we could find the Patrick to our David underneath the tree this day, it would be great to celebrate Christmas with the love of your life as you two spend the day with cuddles, thoughtful gifts, and slow dancing to Christmas songs... if only Santa Claus had a spare Happily Ever After in his bag...

What You Can Have Instead:

You. When you can't find Prince Prince Charming!