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We all know that there’s nothing sexier than a pair of Andrew Christian undies. Whether he’s wearing them, you’re wearing them, are both of you are--AC undies are a powerful aphrodisiac guaranteed to spice up any encounter. Although the sexiness of AC undies is palpable, what exactly is going on behind the scenes that make make our underwear so gosh-darn hot?

The most immediate thing you’ll notice when you slip on a pair of AC undies is how all your best assets are amplified and accentuated. Our fabrics are designed with advanced scientific algorithms designed to shape your cock, balls and ass just the right the way. Even with pants over them, guys will notice your tasteful bulge and perky ass.

Additionally, there’s the waistband effect. No seduction is complete without giving him a flash of an Andrew Christian waistband as you reach up to grab that box off the top shelf with your big strong arms. One site of our logo on elastic and his mind will suddenly be filled with tantalizing fantasies off what lies beneath. You’re such a tease.

But these are all aesthetic changes. In addition to how sexy you physically appear when you put on AC undies, more importantly you will feel sexier. Wearing a sexy jock, thong, or brief just puts a pep in your step and twinkle in your eye. The effect is largely subliminal, but the results will be more tangible. The new confidence will manifest itself in and fun and unexpected ways. ;)

The moment you put on a pair of Andrew Christian undies, all of your boy bits nestle in their coziest and sexiest positions. You’ll feel hotter, look hotter, and attract hotter guys. At least, that’s what we’ve scientifically engineered them to do. But you won’t ever know for sure until you’ve tried them on. So what are you waiting for?

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