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Article written by Maya Vukovska

Underwear can actually tell you a lot about the man who’s wearing it. So, if you’re wondering what your brand new crush or boyfriend is like, do not hesitate another minute, pull his pants down, and check out what kind of undies he’s wearing. Because they, my friend, can tell you quite a story!…


This guy is low maintenance - he’ll put up with a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast, and won’t mind wearing T-shirts bought from a grocery store. Boxers are the least overtly sexy choice of underwear, but he doesn’t care, because his buddies (and his Mom!) like him just the way he is - cute, easy-going and fun to be around. The boxers-wearer may not be boyfriend material for those who are into well-established guys with highbrow interests and lifestyle. All in all, boxers scream, “I’m not taking myself too seriously.” However, if you are looking for a comfortable and not-complicated relationship, the boxers guy is definitely your guy!

Designer logo waistband undies

This guy is constantly counting the likes of his most recent Instagram photos. He is totally obsessed with people’s attention, and if we were in a war situation he’d swap his only weapon for a selfie stick. Of course, he is (or wants to be) a model-slash-actor. If you start dating him, he’ll often ask you to take pictures of him wearing a pair of his favorite brand’s low rise trunks, and the “just-one-shot-please” will eventually turn into a two-hour photo session. And you’d better make sure the logo is clearly visible on all the 150 pictures!


Now we’re talking! In the straight world, he’ll pass as a European or a football player, оr a freak, for that matter. But you can’t be fooled. This one enjoys free sexual play and… the gentle breeze, of course. The jockstrap entered the gay zone in the early 1960’s, when gay fashion had unexpectedly taken a very masculine turn. If your guy is wearing a jockstrap it means he’s into a fantasy that stems from sports and porn, so you’d better indulge his cravings in the fantasy department. His underwear preference also speaks for a powerful sense of self-confidence and a desire to be the dominating figure not only in bed, but also in the relationship.

Going commando

Balls out, guys! If one “forgets” to put on briefs under a suit for a work gig from 8 to 5, that’s not only unhygienic, but weird, too. The problem here is not that he doesn’t have the time or the will to go shopping for underwear. The bigger problem is that he might have some serious issues. So, if you start dating a guy who likes going bare ass, be prepared to meet either Mr. Sloppy, or Mr. I-Despise-Society. This man can also be into conspiracy theories, or having sex with extraterrestrials. Or both. On the brighter side, though, he maybe likes going commando for the most banal of reasons, i.e. he’s got an extremely sweaty crotch.


The most common choice nowadays among straight and gay men alike. One would normally wear briefs to appear stylish and sensible to the representatives of the sex they’re attracted to. When a gay goes for that type of underwear, he’s eager to demonstrate he feels sexy and that he’s very liberal in bed, but still, he doesn’t want to be perceived as vulgar or tasteless. He would wear his briefs with the same intentions a lady would wear a tempting lingerie on a date night. Briefs will boost his bulge, and once the pants are off, the will smooth his perfectly shaped thighs.

Push-up undies

This type of underwear is made to add to the package and keep it together properly lifted. Needless to say, a guy who would wear it is an attention-seeker. He feels best when looking beefy and all eyes are fixated on his crotch. He regularly hits the gym, the sun tanning studio and the beauty parlor, but doesn’t talk about it because he doesn’t want to appear lame. He is probably not looking for a long-term commitment, and can be rather selfish in bed. With that said, it’s ironic that he prefers to be the bottom.


If you start dating a G-string guy, you shouldn’t be surprised about having sex in his bed with a ceiling mirror above. Beside having a very high sex drive, he’s good-natured, childish, and even naive at times. His favorite pastime activities are doing squats and posting tons of selfies on social media. But, seriously, unless his career doesn’t involve dancing on a scaffolding in a gay club, there are very few excuses to wear this type of underwear on a daily basis...

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