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Let’s talk about humiliation. Of all the outlandish fetishes in the Fetish Kingdom, erotic humiliation is best guaranteed to leave you blushing. Polls have indicated that this kink is among the most popular within the BDSM family, but why exactly are so many of us excited by the notion of being embarrassed?

Psychologically, those of us who don’t shy away from a good public disgracing probably are into others forms of sadism as well. Think about it: humiliation basically has the same appeal as a rough spanking, but instead of physical pain it’s psychological pain. And when conducted within similar parameters of safety and communication, the thrill of--say--being paraded down Folsom St. naked in a dog collar, can be totally unmatched.

Humiliation brings with it a total breakdown of your privacy and dignity. You’re reduced to an exposed, feeble ball of meat. For many, erotic humiliation can be a totally ego-shattering experience. Some even achieve transcendent states akin to advanced yogic meditation. Namaste.

In today’s world of social media and Insta-hoeing, erotic humiliation has been given a whole new stage on which to play. Humiliators and the humiliated can connect from across the planet and exchange compromising photos and social media passwords instantaneously. I sure hope you like humiliation, because a 19-year-old in Eastern Europe just tweeted a photo of your flaccid cock and tagged all your coworkers. The internet truly is a magical thing.

As with all such out-there fetishes, one must remember to tread cautiously. You don’t want to find yourself in a transatlantic blackmail situation (trust me). Play-humiliation is sexy, real-life-humiliation--maybe not so much. I recommend starting with a gentle chastising to see if you’ve got a taste for the stuff. Erotic humiliation: because everyone looks better when they're blushing.

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