Article written by Rahmel Reid

Cock and tail? I mean this one just fell right into our laps. Cocktails have been around since the early 1800s — and they’ve always had a social element associated with them. So, it’s no surprise that a cocktail or two may be indulged before people become more than just social. We're taking a look at what some of these adult beverages may say about you during your intimate moments. What does your choice of cocktail say about your sex life?


A margarita is always a good choice but not all margaritas are made the same. With that said, you look for a consistently, good time. You’re open to trying new things sexually, as long as it leads to you getting that climax that you’ve grown accustom to (from past experiences). And while you may always go for the same type of physical partner (looks wise), you’re down to sample what else is on the market.


Or really, any spirit and chaser combination, says that you like straight forward, aggressive type sex. You don’t love too much of the back-and-forth or having to hunt your prey too much. You enjoy being direct and getting right to your goals. Fucking in the bathroom at the very same establishment isn’t beneath you. Ripping off someone’s clothes (or having yours ripped off), doesn’t offend you. And using spit for lube isn’t just out of convenience, it actually turns you on. Still, the hint of a “chaser” lets me know that you’re still somewhat aware of what’s going on — so while you’re down for an aggressive wild time, you’re not looking to be downright reckless.


You’re looking to get knocked out hunny, both by your drink and sexual encounter. A Martini is no joke and you know that it’s going to get you tipsy and uninhibited for sure. But it makes you feel confident and takes that edge off — allowing you to be the biggest freak in the sheets. Deeper? Sure. Gag-reflex? It doesn’t exist. A threesome? Wait a minute bitch, let me down one more martini. A martini will definitely have you fucking like a porn star or getting “slutted” out. Honestly, the latter and/or the former is a feeling that everyone should experience at least once. And if it’s a Gin Martini… oh baby, you’re nasty — and a pro.


You are down for whatever… wherever and whenever. You’ll blow someone in the bathroom or will get in a car — or you’ll fuck in a parking lot, unaware of the security cameras lurking in the corners. You’re looking to get tipsy as soon as possible and to find some dick or ass even sooner. You’ll probably shoot your shot with just about anyone and see who will follow you back to your place. One thing is on your mind — and that’s just to have a good time, as soon as possible.


Just like the name, you’re more of an old fashioned kind of person. Mature, you’ve been there done that. You know what you like and you’re not looking to rush or settle for anything. If someone catches your eye, you’re definitely not opposed to sex but you at least want some conversation first. The days of spontaneity and immediate hook-ups are long gone, by choice. Whether you’re a top, vers or bottom — you exude big dick energy. You’re confident and know you’re going to deliver a great sexual experience, but they have to be somewhat patient and respectful to get it. Sex on the first encounter is not out the window either, if they play their cards right.


You’re all about the vibes. You enjoy that skin-to-skin connection and you aren’t in a rush while fucking. You like to take your time. Foreplay throughout the encounter is more than welcomed. You probably prefer a longer session; full of smelling, caressing, kissing and fucking. Intimacy plays a big role in your sexual encounters, whether it’s sex in a relationship or a one night stand.


Sex is sex, especially if it’s beer on tap. You’re not a very particular one. A blowjob is a blowjob and a hole is a hole. You’re probably looking to be serviced more than anything and don’t really care to please your sexual partner as much. At the end of the day, you're (somewhat) bloated and just looking to bust an easy, quick nut.


This is that bussy or dick that you have to pay for. Either with your time or your money. The “bubbly” drink lets us know that they are fancy and like to be treated a certain way. They enjoy the pretentious brunches and the fancy dinners. You’re probably not getting (or giving) any sex on the first encounter, you have to romantically swoon them a bit before they let you in (to both their world and their loins). They know what they want and it has to be of high quality. If you meet their standards, once you get them to let their guard down — they’re your little slut… in a cutesy, kind of way.