Every single move you make, thing you do, thought that leaves your mouth gives insight to who you are as a person, and can tell so much to others about various things in your life. So why would you assume that the way you stream, or what you stream would be any different? Today, we are going to be diving deep into your streaming history to decode what it all means when it comes to your current sexual situation, or situations - if you are like our girl Janet and a little nasty. So let’s get to it and let the binge of information, begin!

Repeat Offender

With the various streaming platforms, there are a never-ending plethora of things to watch but for some reason, you are constantly watching the same series from 15 years ago. This repetitive behavior showcases a couple of things. For one, you know what you like and are comforted by the familiar. This makes us believe (and know) that you are not one to sleep around with a bunch of new people. Once you get to know someone and have that next-level connection, that gives you more pleasure than the physical. So while your sexual history does not have a lot of people in it, the ones that are there mean a lot.

The Skip Around

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who watch any and everything. You are juggling about a dozen shows right now because when you get tired of one, you just go to the other. Yeah, you can see where we are going here. Sticking with one person for too long tends to bore you not because the person is necessarily wrong for you but because you are obsessed with the possibility that there is someone better out there, so you like to keep your options open. Then when you realize that the last person was not so bad, you go back and forth between various partners, never really connecting with any of them on a level deeper than sexually. Just like with your shows. When you skip around, you tend to forget the plot and are only present for the well, present moment.

Binge & Scroll

When it comes to binge and scroll people out there, the number of sexual partners does not matter because one or more - you do not pay attention at all. You are too preoccupied with what is going on outside of the bedroom to ever focus on what is right in front of you. How many times have you heard a partner say that you are distant and not attentive? Perhaps it is time to put the phone down - when you are watching TV and with someone - and pay attention to what is going on right in front of you because trust, it is way more exciting than a Twitter feed.

Old School Watcher

Remember when we could not binge watch? When television shows aired weekly? You live for those days and because of it, do not ingest everything at once. Instead, you take your time with shows. A whole season just dropped? You take a week or two to let it sink in instead of watching it with a bag of chips in hand over eight hours in one sitting. You like to get to know a show, and when it comes to dating and sex - the person you are fucking. In many ways, that old way of watching television translates into you being not only a sucker for nostalgia but an old school romantic as well because, for you, it’s not about getting through things fast. It is about letting the excitement of a show, or someone, simmer.