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It’s no secret that in the gay community, polyamory is about as common as sucking off a guy you just met on the internet. The thinking goes, if sex is good, then more sex with more people is better, right? ;) Sounds about right to me! In fact, tons of guys live their lives in happy, loving polyamorous relationships of three, four, or ten (maybe) people. ;) Granted, love is love. And especially within the gay community, all types of relationships truly can flourish.

In some ways, polyamory seems like a natural outcome of gay romance. For instance, if me and you and are both bottoms, then we’re going to need to introduce a new factor, aren't we? ;) However, recent studies indicate that many gays are settling down with one particular ball and chain. Is the party over? As a culture, is it last call for drinks and time to finally take home that guy you’ve been flirting with all night?

No quite. It seems to me that the increased popularity of monogamy is much more than just heteronormative brainwashing or whatever. In America, gay men have been valiantly clawing their way to basic civil rights for nearly a century--albeit with intermittent peaks of valleys (we are currently in a valley). It’s only been about three years since we got the right to get married, so it’s no wonder that we’re seeing more monogamy all of a sudden! If you’re like me, you’ll try any sex act once--and legally-bound monogamy sounds kinky as hell! ;)

At the end of the day, all these boys bitching at other people about how to live their lives need to settle down. If you're happy with one cock for the rest of your life, then polyamory may not be right for you. Other guys feel their happiest at the bottom of a writhing chimerical dog-pile of gay flesh. Love means finding out which style works for you--and more importantly finding the right man. Or men. ;)

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