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If you’ve ever been in a committed relationship, you probably know that there is one act so forbidden heinous as to basically guarantee a split. Yep, if you cheat on your boyfriend, it’s over. Or is it just hot as shit? Welcome to the confusing world of fetishized cuckolding! If you don’t know about this already, get ready, because it’s coming to a bedroom near you. ;)

The term cuckold goes back to the old days, when it was used as an emasculating slander when a dude’s wife cheated on him with another guy (usually one with a bigger dick). So that package of humiliation, voyeurism and swinging gets fetishized, and for decades, straight people have been eating it up. And now, just like the Beatles coming to America, cuckolding has had its Ed Sullivan show for the gays.

A typical gay cuck situation goes like this: you (the cuckold) sit bound and gagged in the corner while being forced to watch your boyfriend’s ass get pounded by a bigger, stronger, more hung hulk-beast (known as the Bull). In extreme scenarios, you may be forced to clean up after. ;)

So you see the appeal? ;) Of course, this is all done within the parameters of fantasy and roleplay. You get to simulate the most fucked-up yet hot scene of all time, and hopefully not feel too bad about it afterwards. Studies show this fetish is on the rise in the gay community, so you’d be start getting mentally prepared to get cucked. ;)

Some people think the rise of cuckolding is related to legalization of gay marriage. Like now that gays are getting married, they want to act out kinky infidelity scenes. Makes sense to me! ;) I also subscribe to the belief that sooner or later the gay community will claim every and all sex act as their own. ;) I’m honestly surprised that this fetish didn’t catch on sooner!

At the end of the day, just remember that cucking someone is a consensual act done with a partner. If all three people (or however many are involved) are not enjoying the cucking, something is wrong. Be sure to clearly communicate the nature of the cucking beforehand and set your hard limits. If you do it right, this sort of infidelity might actually bring you and your partner closer together. :)

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