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Anal is something that unites men of every ilk, creed, and sexuality. We all appreciate tight holes, don’t we fellas? Or at least so it seems. Anal sex often feels like the end-all be-all of gay sex. But.. does it have to be that way? And what do you do when anal suddenly becomes off-limits?

There are many gay men who walk amongst us who are 100% not interested in anal sex, whether they be tops or bottoms. If you’ve never met on these guys, then consider yourself lucky (just kidding). Not being into anal is a totally valid sexual preference and there are myriad ways to express your sexuality without doing anal.

Blowjobs, handjobs, thighjobs--hell, get creative! Rebelling against straight heteronormativity means not being bound by penis-in-hole style sex. Ask your non-anal preferring partner what type of sex he likes best. And at the same time, you yourself can rediscover new types of sex as well.

Listen boys, it’s the 20s now. If someone doesn’t want you to touch or fuck his butt, then just respect it. Guys who don’t do anal are not missing out on anything. Some people just don’t like it any never will.

Can a relationship survive between an anal-craving top and closed-ass bottom? Sexual incompatibility may be a damning condition, but the power of love can conquer all obstacles. Two horny men will always find a way to compromise ;)

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