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Article written by Sam Machado

No matter how hot the sex is, it doesn't always play a role in your climax. You could be having the greatest fuck of your life, but when it's time to cum, it doesn't always want to happen. And, to make matters worse, the pressure to cum makes it even harder to cum. Don't worry though; it happens to the best of us! Orgasms don't always happen when we want them to. Sure, nature could take its course and you could cum in his ass or on his chest at the most perfect time. But when you pull out, or change positions or whatever, your body is running on a lot of chemicals and your cumshot could be holding back on you. So how can you help get your wad out without stroking it for another 20 minutes?

You obviously want to do anything that turns you on in the first place. Whether that's a hard makeout, an ass grab or another blowjob, Watching that guy lick your cock while you give yourself a hard stroke can be super sexy. Or, feeling his tongue against yours can get your body flowing back to where it was 15 minutes ago.

One little thing that can help- changing positions. If you normally love the missionary position, then it might help to get your guy on his back so you can face-fuck him for a bit. Even though you're not inside him, the fact that your body is positioned in the way where you can get pumped up easier is always helpful. Or, perhaps, you're more the sideways kind of guy and can't cum if you're lying back down. So go ahead and turn over, kiss that guy in front of you, give his ass a rub and let yourself embrace the heat of the moment before you erupt.

If you're the other guy in the position and your lover is taking a while to finish, be kind. He's trying! You can help him out though by touching his chest, giving his dick another suck, kissing his ear or just by simply being patient.

There are other factors that can go into delayed cumming, some more serious than others- including neurological disorder, trauma, low levels of testosterone or anti-depressants. If taking a long amount of time to orgasm becomes a habit, then you maaaay want doctor. But if this happens once in a while, then focus on what makes you hot and you'll cum at some point. And if you don't, then you don't! After all, we don't make every choice for our bodies. Sometimes going on a ride without a destination can be way more exciting.

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