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We're all friends here, so I can be honest when I say that before I met the man I am about to spend the rest of my days with, I was so single they could have placed my picture by the word in the dictionary and I wouldn’t have even fought it. See, after high school all my friends got boo’d up. So when we had a little reunion I had to sit there not understanding a word they were talking about as they went on...and on...about their partners. I was high key annoyed at the time but now that I have got a partner, I see how single people can be a little much when it comes to their friends having someone and them only having their Postmates delivery person. So we are about to breakdown how to be single with class, dignity, and grace because you don’t have to be petty just because you are flying solo.

Be Happy For Them

If the shoe was on the other foot you would be peeved if your friends ever talked down about your relationship while they were sitting there not even in one. So do not do that to them. It is not a cute look and it makes it awkward for your friends to hang out with you if you are always sending negative energy their way. Unless their partner is a complete LOSER, don’t hate - congratulate.

Don’t Front

There are some people who live to be single and others who are miserable, lonely people who take out their pain in the most modern way - social media. Do not sit there and continuously post about how happy you are to be single if you are not because how are your friends supposed to know what you want if you are straight up lying and posting “Single AF & Happy” memes? Be honest with not only your timeline, but yourself and if you want someone - go out and date instead of living on the ‘gram.

Ask for the Assist

Even with countless apps out there, it is hard as hell to find someone you would want to spend more than a free meal with. Yes, dating is basically all about scoring a free meal. Anyways, when it feels like you cannot take another dead end date, start to ask your boo’d up friends to set you up. They obviously know how to make a relationship work, so why not outsource your dating to them and get some major help?

Get To Know Them

It can be weird when your friend starts dating a complete random. Especially when it comes to hanging out. But here is the thing, it doesn’t have to be weird at all. They can be your friend too you know? We are not saying you have to become instant besties with your friend’s new beau but we are saying that getting to know them by their name and not just so and so’s boyfriend can really improve your relationship with them and make nights out a lot more enjoyable.

Thrive Alone

It is great having someone by your side, that’s not surprising but so many people in relationships forget what it is like to go out on their own in the world. If you are single, grab that by the horns and fucking do that thing. Travel, dine, live and breathe on your own and take the time to just be with yourself at this present moment without feeling like it’s a negative. There is nothing wrong with you for relishing in your own company.

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