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Article written by Kendra Beltran

While generally you can fuck whoever the hell you want to, with consent, there are some limitations, and we are here to break them down. Because while your best friend’s brother may be hot as fuck and down, it does not mean you should hop into bed with him as soon as your BFF’s head is turned. Or should you? That is what we’re talking about today, so grab a pen and paper and start taking notes because we’re about to let you know. When it comes to sex, who is off-limits and who is 100% fair game if they’re DTF.

Your Boss

First of all, your boss should know better than to get their flirt on with their employees because sex could lead to some major legal bullshit at work. It’s not the days of Don Draper anymore, bosses can’t just go around putting hands on an employee like that and while it may seem like a good idea (because they’re hot and/or could give you a promotion) it typically never ends well for either when and if things go south. So it’s better to just stick to business and not take things any further with the boss.

A Coworker

If the coworker seems to have a good head on his shoulders, go the fuck for it! All you’ll have to worry about later is if they talk about it and word spreads around at work... but does it matter? That’s up to you. There’s no real harm in going all the way and getting down with a coworker. Just be prepared for some serious gossip at the water cooler.

Best Friend

Everyone thinks that dating their best friend is the most ideal situation but let’s be real, we have two best friends in our lives; the one we fuck and the one we don’t. The one we wind up having sex with is typically the person we caught romantic feelings for first and then became a best friend later. Our legit BFFs are the people who we never get physical with because if it went south and we lost them as a friend we’d DIE. Don’t go messing up that relationship with sex. Plus, who are you supposed to dish about the sex with if you already banged your bestie?

BFF's Cousin

Your best friend’s cousin, on the other hand, do it. It’s not like they’re that closely related and see them all the time. This is especially true if their hot cousin is just visiting for a while.

A Professor

The way we feel about a boss is the same way we feel about a professor or teacher. I mean, we’ve all had the fantasy (shout out Mr. Klein) but that doesn’t mean we need to make that a reality. Keep that student/teacher relationship platonic.

High School Crush

If they managed to stay as hot as they once were or even had a major glow up, then finally live out that old ass fantasy and go to town. Then report back to us and let us know how it was because honey, we all have those crushes we wish we could get one night with still.

Your Ex

Don’t be a dumbass and open up that old jar of feels. They’re your ex for a reason. Keep it that way.

Random From an App

These apps were made for fucking and that’s just what we’ll do. But really, we live in a day and age where you can swipe right and have dick at your doorstep within an hour. What a time to be alive.

Mom's Friend

Unless your mom is cool AF, don’t. OMFG don’t. Do you want to take her friend to her birthday dinner as your date? Awkward much? Yeah...


There is nothing wrong with having a fuck buddy that lives two doors down. Just make sure you both know what the situation is; exclusive booty calls vs. we fucking other people on the regular.

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