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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Halloween is all about slutting it up! It's that time of year when you can dress as skimpily as you want, and that jealous douche Brendan can't say anything! But before you go gallivanting out in your skivvies, remember that some sort of inspiration is still essential. While the epithet "sexy" is presumed to go before any costume idea, here are some of our hottest options when it comes to looking like the sexy beast you are this Halloween season.


Despite what some may, a man with brains is hot as hell. So strap on your best Steve Urkel look and head out for the night. Okay, so maybe we would like you to do Urkel but forget the shirt because it never hurts to have brains and abs.


Whether you go for a well-known animated prince or do your own thing, you can't go wrong rocking a royal ensemble. You will need a crown, obviously, one of those fur-collared capes, and a staff. All of those combined with your gorgeous self and you’ll have loyal subjects for days.


We love those pillaging, eye-patch wearing, peg leg having men. But let's be real, who does not love a bad boy? And if history books are right, pirates were some of the baddest around. You can buy this costume anywhere in town, or you can tear an old pair of black jeans, rip apart a flowy white button-down, and toss on a pair of old boots.


Who hasn’t wanted to play doctor? Any thrift shop near you will have an old pair of scrubs and a white coat. Trust. And the best part about this is that the top is 100% optional with this one. Well, that is sort of the case with all of these suggestions. We want to see your pecs and abs!

Budget Animal

You have seen Mean Girls, right? A budget animal is where you take a headband with animal ears and pair it with a cute outfit and voila, you’re done! A pair of black cat ears with some black booty shorts. Leopard ears with leopard undies. I think you get the idea and can take it from here.

Man in Uniform

A fireman, a police officer, EMT. They all have the ability to make people swoon when it is not Halloween. So imagine giving those uniforms a Halloween makeover! You will be the most irresistible bod on the force.


How does that old proverb go? Save a horse, ride a cowboy. Yup, that is it. You know exactly what we are talking about with this one! Grab your tightest jeans, a flannel that may be a little too small, the always sexy cowboy boots and top it off with a dynamo hat and you will have everyone waiting to straddle you by the end of the night.


Do not let Jason Mamoa get all the attention with his underwater abs and fishy hotness. Get your merman on too with either a pair of hot pants or leggings featuring beautiful scales. If you want to take it even further, hit up a makeup tutorial on YouTube and put that face to work too.

Little Devil

Have red undies in your closet already? Then you’re halfway there. All you need to do is go pick up some horns and a tail and done.

But whatever costume you choose, we're bound to have something to help you out over in our Sexy Halloween Styles!

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