On the body of a gay man, there are many parts to love and cherish. A hot bod is a smorgasbord delicious meats. But a lot of people will actually self-identify based on their particular preference in body parts. I’m a Chest Guy. Or an Ab Man. Or a Ass Man. But aren’t we all really Ass Men? Ass seems to rise above all these and something that unites all of us.

To really understand why we love butts so much, we need to go back to the days of the Caveman. Like how baboons are programmed to get baboon boners when they see obscenely large and vibrant baboon butts, we are also programmed on an evolutionary level to enjoy dat ass. A big, perky bubble butt is a fundamental biological indicator of sexual virility, so we’ll always get seduced by one.

Additionally, there’s a certain mystique surrounding the ass in part because one cannot truly know his own ass. Thinking about it: without an expertise in contortionism or an elaborate configuration of mirrors, it’s not really possible to look at your own ass as it would be viewed by another. In this regard, we harbor a fascination for these elusive buns.

On top of these factors, the ass also, of course, holds a special place in the hearts of gay men, as the scenic locale of the ever-popular destination, the anus. Because gay men usually spend a lot of time in that region, it’s no wonder we get obsessed with a quality ass.

An ass can say so many things about a man. It can be hairy, smooth, bubbly, flat, perky, or saggy. And like snowflakes falling on a wintry morn, no two asses are exactly alike. And there’s a certain beauty in not being able to experience your own ass; instead you must seek out another and share asses together. Your ass is a gift to the world--go out there and share it!