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We all know who gets the most likes on Instagram. It’s the guys with the most sculpted, Adonis-esque gym bunny bodies, startlingly symmetrical faces and grooming like they just walked off a runway. The 10s. They’re who we all fantasize about, right? On paper, it certainly seems that way. But empirically speaking, it’s often more average-looking guys who become the most sought-after romantic partners. But why is this?

First of all, to any 10s reading this: don’t worry, you’re still the hottest. The thing is though, many of us don’t actually want to date, marry, or grow old with a perfect specimen of the male form. We certainly want to touch their penises--duh. But love isn’t as simple as 1 to 10 arithmetic, and we're not just moths mindlessly drawn to brightest light around. Qualities for which the gay judges deduct hotness points may be the very thing that seals the deal for your future hubby!

Average-looking guys can be charming, sexy and amazing boyfriends for reasons other than sheer sex appeal. They’re more approachable, may have faces that are kinder and more inviting (i.e. no resting bitch face), and just make us feel better about our selves when we're together. I’m certainly not self-conscious about my body--but at the same time... do I want to attend every party for the rest of my life with Idris Elba at my side? Might get a little old.

Are hot people inherently narcissistic and superficial? No. Are average-looking people inherently humble and down-to-earth? No. But every stereotype has come kernel of truth in it somewhere in it. And even if they don't, these platitudes still carry resonance, either consciously or unconsciously, when guys decide who to date. For some, average-looking guys represent someone who is hot enough to get the job done, but also likely a good person.

So all ya'll 10s, continue basking in the splendor afforded to you by your position at the top of sexual food-chain. But just remember, there’s way more of us average-looking guys then there are of you. And we like to stick together. ;

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