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First, a quick disclaimer: we are not advocating for bi men to abandon their girlfriends en masse and become full-time nine-to-five gays. Listen, we know we’re all just victims of cupid’s arrow and seldom have a choice when it comes to whom we fall for. But if you’re ever in the scenario where you have a choice between two fraternal twins of opposite gender, nine times out of ten, you’re should go with the dude. ;) And we’re not just saying this because it ups our own odds of getting laid. ;)

To be certain, there are pros and cons of going steady with both men and women, and the arc of your romantic relationship is subject to innumerable variables. Taking all that into account, there are still a few amazing perks that you can reliably expect when hooking up with a guy. ;)

First of all, with boys, you don’t have to deal with all the pomp and circumstance of the courting ceremony. No need to sit through that slow arduous slog of the first few dates. When you come to the gay side, you’ll find that you’re guaranteed to fuck on the first date (if you want you) and be sharing your childhood traumas by the second date (no choice about this one). Things move quickly, and that’s good! If it doesn’t work out, try a different boy. ;)

And as a result of what you’ll find to be a charmingly irreverent take on dating norms, your wallet will thank you too! That extra money you’re now spending on lube will be nothing compared to what you save from no longer paying for flowers and wine tastings.

Also, think about how great it would be to date another guy, which is what you are! In other words, he is also the owner of a penis, and therefore is far more versed in the instruction manual, if you catch my drift. ;) You’ll never have to receive an unenthusiastic, chafing handjob again!

But most importantly, guys are just super hot. No Adam’s apple? Sorry, honey, that’s a dealbreaker. He’ll carry you to bed for you to use his massive furry body as your personal love pillow. You two can share clothes! The possibilities are endless.

Okay, okay, maybe we have an agenda here. ;) In all honesty, no matter who you date, there’s going to moments of beautiful passionate bliss and moments of pure hell. There’s no one gender that’s more dateable, it all comes down to the individual person. But some people have penises. And remember, penises rock. ;)

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