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Sometimes it feels like gays were born into a caste system--not one based on socioeconomic status, but dick size. The lucky winners of the genetic lottery just seem to effortlessly pole-vault with their enormous erect cocks right into the good life. The rest of us celibate outcasts are left looking on sadly from afar at the inaccessible Kingdom of Hungness. Sometimes it feels like this is the case, but in reality there are some serious drawbacks to having a huge dick.

First of all, there are some flaws inherent in the big dick design. For example, blowjobs can be frightening experience for the well endowed. Without surgical precise on both the part of you and your partner, there's going to be teeth marks all along you dick. Trying to fit your huge cock in a regular-sized mouth can feel a bit like playing a game of Operation, only the buzz is an excruciating dick bite.

Also, those not blessed with sizable Johnsons will never have to experience the spine-chilling, day-ruining horror of having the tip of your penis dip right into toilet bowl as you're taking a shit. That gut-wrenching experience alone is enough to make a well-endowed man castrate himself right then and there.

This is not even to mention the most important drawback: like the largest semi-trucks on the road, certain tunnels are inaccessible to the big-dicked. A lot of boys just cannot handle nature's more massive schlongs. The big-dicked often feel like they must restrain themselves during sex or they might seriously injure their partner. Rough passionate horseplay is simply out of the questions. If you're not careful, somebody's losing an eye.

Your list of potential partners is limited in other ways too. Deigning to have sex with other non-big-dicked people can feel like riding in coach when you're used to flying first class. Why bother when you could have better? (unless you're into humiliating your feeble submissive slave boy)

So at the end of the day, do the obvious benefits of having a big dick outweigh the drawbacks? It's hard to say. All penises are special and beautiful in their own ways, and everyone has their own tastes. Me personally, though? I won't take any cock under eight inches. ;)

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