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Article written by Sam Machado

You're giving your man an amazing blowjob until you start to feel him let out his massive wad. He aims inside your mouth and you might get the urge to spit or swallow. While taking a load into your mouth may not be your forte, there is a reason why it can be beneficial for both of you if you are so kind as to let his cum run down your throat. There is a way to develop a taste for it and there are some health benefits too.

Good for the Body

Did you know that cum in your body is actually healthy for your brain? Believe it or not, semen has nerve growth factor, which will increase brain capacity. Not only that, but there is also Vitamin C in there. So who needs orange juice when you can just let him ejaculate? Semen also has protein so it's not a bad idea to swallow his load after your workout.

How to Swallow?

There are also plenty of ways on how to swallow. Some guys chug it down like it's a shot of tequila. Others embrace every last drop to show how much they're really enjoying it. But it definitely doesn't hurt to show that guy how his cum turns you on. So feel free to play with it inside your mouth before swallowing it down. And one thing that is bound to make him hot is finishing in your mouth and seeing that it made its journey down below. Also, don't be afraid to lick him clean if it gets in another spot like on his chest or on yours. The taste is still the same!

Semen is not only healthy, but it's sexy. When your guy watches you take a load down your throat as it drips down your chin, it can make him crave you so much more. A lot of guys can feel weird about swallowing or even getting that wad close to their face, but when a guy takes it down like a champ, then you're going to look like his new hero.

Pineapple Juice?

If you're awkward about swallowing because you're nervous about the taste, just know that it doesn't always taste so bad. Sometimes it can taste great. There is some bitter saltiness, but the taste is better if your man knows what to consume in his body beforehand. You may have heard the rumor that pineapple juice will change the way he tastes. Turns out that rumor is accurate—pineapple juice and other fruit juices will give his cum a nicer feed on your tongue. And if he is continuously eating his fruit, then you're bound to eat something pretty damn sweet.

To all the newbies who want to swallow that load, but who are still getting the feel of it, just remember—practice makes perfect. With a decent amount of tries, the right food and a hot mindset, letting semen into your body starting with the mouth is a great way to satisfy both partners.

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