If you're already preparing for Pride 2019 we have some great news for you: even your flight will be fabulous.

CNN is reporting that Virgin Atlantic is partnering with Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"star Tituss Burgess to roll out cross-country flights into NYC in honor of next year's PRIDE ceremony.

The flights will be staffed entirely by LGBTQ+ community members, including the pilots, flight attendants, which is an incredible opportunity to build a space that is safe, secure, and full of love for the queer community as they travel.

Once your flight takes off, the celebration will be underway with Burgess acting as a master of ceremonies over the course of the six hour flight: which will include a Judy Garland singalong as well as speed dating, a DJ, and Drag Bingo.

"The LGBT community has made enormous strides over the last 50 years, and I'm so proud to partner with Virgin Holidays and Virgin Atlantic to mark this occasion in style and celebrate the hard-won freedoms from those who came before us," Burgess tells CNN.

Coincidentally, the launching of the flights will coincide with the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, often seen as a turning point in the fight for LBGT rights.

So the only question that remains is: would you take a Pride Flight on Virgin Atlantic?