Article By: Claude Shy

It’s finally time to take things to the bedroom with that guy you’ve been eyeing for a while or maybe you’re just trying to keep things sexy with your long-term boyfriend. Either way, you want to perform to your absolute best and drive him absolutely wild. Here are five tips to fuck him stupid and make him come back for more.


via GIPHY The very first foray you should make into this new sexual adventure is possibly the most important. Don’t go in too hot, warm things up by some light foreplay. Do some light kissing on the nape of his neck, run your hands in places you haven’t before, explore with your tongue. READ MORE: 14 INSANE THINGS PEOPLE BLAMED HOMOSEXUALS FOR This will set the stage for what’s to come and make sure you’re both in the same headspace. Continue kissing, rubbing and licking your way to full excitement. Trust us, you’ll know when the time is right.


Something too few of us do in the bedroom is communicate. Whether you’re bashful or aren’t sure how to communicate with this partner yet, communication is CRUCIAL to a satisfying fuck. Maybe try asking what he’s into before you dive in too deep. Check in every once in a while during sex to make sure you’re still knocking it out of the park. Nothing is more awkward or more of a letdown than someone who doesn’t take care of your needs and chances are, if you aren’t communicating, you don’t know what those needs are. It may be awkward at first, but you know what’s more awkward? Leaving his house with both of you unfulfilled.

Eye Contact

This tip may be a little trickier. If this is a new guy you’re hooking up with for the first time, tread this lightly. Don’t go full psycho killer by staring blankly into the guy’s eyes, but make it a point to make eye contact every once in a while. It’s a lot sexier than it sounds, promise. READ MORE: 6 WAYS TO PLEASE YOUR BIG-DICKED 'TROPHY BOY' If this is a partner you know pretty well, it should be a little easier to do. Show you’re paying attention and 100 present in the situation. Eye contact is a quick way to show confidence, and what’s hotter than a confident man?

Focus on the Moment

We really can’t stress this enough. Focus. On. The. Moment. Don’t get distracted (whether there’s noise in the background, thoughts already in your head, etc.). Be completely in the moment and focus on what you’re doing. After all, you’re fucking. This should be an amazing experience. One of the quickest ways to kill a boner is to focus on the climax. Instead, focus on what you’re doing in the moment and let the climax (or climaxes) come naturally. Once you get to that spot, it will be so much sweeter.

Try New Things

Don’t be a boring fuck. Try new things. Missionary under the covers with the lights off? Snoozefest. Switch things up with different angles and positions, incorporate some toys, explore fetishes. Don’t go full on BDSM without discussing first, but maybe throw on a jock, bring out a dildo, or do something fairly light but still out of the norm. This will show a new partner you’re exciting and open-minded and if it’s a boyfriend you’ve been with for a while, it will show him you’re spicing things up and willing to explore. READ MORE: 12 CRAZY DICK FACTS EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW No matter what the sexual situation, giving and having a good lay is important. You don’t want to leave his place feeling unfulfilled and you don’t want him to leave thinking, “Is that all?” Slow down, be open, be present and try new things to really rock his world. You (and your fuck) will thank us.
September 27, 2018 — Andrew Christian