Every relationship is bound to hit a dry spell, but with the recent current events that have us all stuck at home, bored, peeved, and yearning for our favorite brunch spot, many of us are starting to feel the weight of the world on our shoulders and it’s hurting our sex lives. Some like to imagine that being stuck with their partner 24/7 is nothing but a nonstop sex fest, but honey...the reality is that the flame for many of us has fizzled due to several reasons right now. However, not all hope is lost. We can recover from this and lift our sexual spirits and harden those dicks with a few suggestions that will help reignite your sex life while staying safe at home.

Zoom It Up

Couples who are not as lucky as you and are stuck away from their partners are relying heavily on texting, calling, and video calls to keep things going. So who’s to say you can’t do the same. If you have two separate locales in your home, take advantage. One of you can go set up shop in the bedroom while the other utilizes the living room. From there you can get creative. Either roleplay that you’re long-distance lovers, one of you is away on business, or imagine some other scenario that would lead you two to being apart during this time. Whatever it is, make sure it’s hot enough to get you going.


If you don’t want to video chat, then use the power of roleplaying in person. For those of you who think roleplaying is silly, it isn’t. You used to be a kid and play pretend, right? Okay, well, it’s the same thing except you wind up fucking at the end instead of having a tea party. Unless your fantasy involves being a fancy-ass royal who gets railed over Afternoon Tea. Then go with that and instead of finger sandwiches, finger one another’s asses. See, you’re getting it now!

Get Adventurous

If you just can’t with the roleplaying idea or you can and are down for anything, then our next suggestion works either way. Before you were stuck inside with your partner, you may have gotten used to routine sex life. Same foreplay and positions each and every time. That, on top of the stay at home plan, may all be why you and your partner aren’t having as much sex right now. Well, it’s time to shed the routine and try something, anything new. Introduce new positions and interests into the bedroom. There is no time like the present to be adventurous in your sex life, so don’t shy away from any suggestion your partner may have. Go with it and go wild.

Order Toys

Speaking of adventurous, if you have never been the type to incorporate toys into your sex life it may be time to start. You can’t run out and buy any, but that doesn’t mean you cannot order an array of sex toys online. Keep those postal workers in business and get your credit card out and order away!

Go On “Dates”

When the most exciting part of your day is going from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom, it can get you down and put you far from being in the mood to fuck. So pick a day where you designate one part of your home as your “date” locale. Don’t do any type of work in that space that day, then at night both of you get ready for your “date” and head to that space for a nice dinner. It isn’t your favorite restaurant but at least it will break the monotony and remind you of your nights out that eventually led to a great night back in at your place.
April 22, 2020 — Andrew Christian