Twinks are definitely in right now. 2019 may be the year of the twink. Skinny, hairless boytoys are a hot commodity right now. Those of us with big money invested in twink stocks are seeing amazing returns right now. And to that I say--good for you, twinks. Ya’ll are hot, so keep rocking your tight little twink asses. But can we just take a moment to appreciate big hairy guys out there? No shade, no tea, but here’s 7 reason why hairy guys are the best guys.

1. Wild man

When you’re in the sack with a bulking, hairy man, it’s easy to imagine you’re getting fucked by a primeval, uncivilized wild hunk. Me Jane, and you Tarzan.

2. It’s better to commit to one extreme

Sometimes the best looks are either to go full hairless from the neck down (I’m looking at you twinks), or just commit to being as hairy as nature allows you to be. Show it, flow it, long as god can grow it. Letting it all hang out is sexy AF.

3. Confidence

Similarly, rocking your natural body hair shows confidence. It demonstrates that you don’t give a rat’s ass about the latest Insta-fads and are perfectly happy being yourself. And that level of confidence gets me hard just thinking about it.

4. Big pillows

Hairy guys are nature’s best pillow. If you’ve never fallen asleep resting your head on a prodigiously hairy chest, then I honestly just feel bad for you.

5. Scent

It’s no secret that a good portion of what makes men smell so irresistible is their hair. The more hair, the more delicious odor. ‘Nuff said.

6. Pubic hair

Pubic hair always looks better when it’s justified by a handsome happy trail, body hair, and a furry ass. And when your pubic hair is on point, it makes your dick look less like a naked mole rat. And that’s a plus.

7. Because hairless and hairy guys compliment each other

Ultimately, hairy guys are so hot because, when they’re standing naked next to a hairless twink, the chemistry is just too beautiful for words. So next time you see a hairy, give him a big huge and take a deep whiff. You'll see what all the hype is about.
July 18, 2019 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles