We have all had or have had that one (or more) guy in our lives who was as useless as could be when it came to just about everything but the sex. Ooo, yes. He could be dumb as rocks but as long as the cock was rock hard, we'd continue to send him that "U Up?" text at closing time because well, hello - sex is vital. But what happens when your booty call is not so dumb. What happens when he is actually just not a sex dynamo and has more to offer? OMG honey, that is when you start to catch them feeling but before you get all confused and try and promote him from a late night romp to #RelationshipGoals, take a look at these. These are signs that he is definitely more, and not just your booty call anymore.

Texts When the Sun's Out

Check the receipts because if you have started to actually text more often during regular work hours than you have definitely moved out of the fuck buddy zone. You two have moved past the random assortment of dick pics and are having legit conversations about your day with little pleasantries tossed into the mix.

Presents Just Because

A booty call just doesn't show up with a just-released movie you had mentioned you wanted to see but didn't get a chance to while it was in theaters just because. That is something a BFF or a significant other does. So think about it. They aren’t your bestie, so what are they? Have they started to buy you little things for no reason other than to be nice? Even more so, have you started to do the same?

Hangs Without Sex

When you shoot out a text past 10 pm, that means ONE thing. We all know that. It means you better arrive with a huge ass boner and be ready to pound my ass. Well, that's what it used to mean for you two. If the last couple of times he's come over and you two just binged on Netflix and cuddled, that's not a booty call. That's a romantic evening in with your bae.

Get Personal

Back during my hoe phase, I wanted to know nothing more about a dude I was hooking up with other than their name (for social media stalking purposes) and if they had a clean bill of health. When you start to get past those and into where they grew up, what music they love, their thoughts on Manila being eliminated during RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 4 -then you start to take things to a level that's more than sex.

Fridge Is Stocked

Single people do not keep food around that they are not going to eat. So when you start to notice them or yourself keeping one another's favorite snacks stocked up, it's clear that you're moving towards something more than a quickie in the sack. You want to make sure they're comfortable and well fed. You're taking care of each other as a couple would.

You Miss Them

In reality, you don't even think twice about a booty call unless you're alone and horny. So when you start to find yourself missing them when you are neither or...you better check yourself because you've caught them feelings.

No More Dick Pics in Group Chat

In the past, you've immediately shared a booty call's dick pics with the gang just to showcase your latest conquest. When you start to care about someone though, you don't want to put your man on blast like that. No matter how impressive they are. It shows that you want this to be something special that is only for your eyes to see.
April 05, 2023 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles