Article by Kendra Beltran

When it comes to toxic friendships, they are far from the poison paradises Britney Spears danced around an airplane about. Well, not at first. Before you realize just how bad a person is for you, you think everything is as fine as a Magic Mike poster. Then you start to notice little things that make you think twice about accepting this person's real-life friend request. Well, here are some HUGE signs that it is time to delete, delete, delete those toxic friends right outta your life.

Shit Talkers

If your friend constantly talks shit about all your other friends when they are not around, do not think for one second that you aren’t up for discussion when you are not around. A shit talker does not stay mute on any subject or about anyone. They are just great at making you believe you are the only one on their good side when in reality they talk shit about you anytime you aren’t in the room.


On the flip side, if you have a friend who legit never listens then you may have a problem. If they just ask you to repeat someone every once in a while, you are all good but if you talk for a good minute or two and they give you a response that has NOTHING to do with what you just said, then you are dealing with some toxicity. People who can only really listen when the words are coming from their mouths are trifling.

Tell Tall Tales

A liar is never a good thing to have around. Especially when it comes to someone that is supposed to have your back. You do not need that negative energy interrupting your aura. So the first time you notice they are lying to another, start to backtrack in your mind and think about all the times they could have been lying right to your face. Oh, now you see it!

All Take, No Give

Whether it is never wanting to eat where you want or constantly asking for advice without returning the favor, all signs lead to that person being a selfish beotch. Cut the cord before it's too late. A real friend should be able to give you back as much as you invest in your friendship. Without that balance, it’s all off.

Their Bad Day Ruins Yours

This is the person who has a minor bump in their day and then continues to take it out on the rest of the world, including you. We get when it's something major but when it's literally not the end of the world but they make it out to be, that's just a drama queen. This is one of the worst signs to miss early on because it'll start to eat at your soul down the road.

Negative Nancy

Speaking of eating at your soul... an overtly negative person is not someone you want to be around when you're trying to live your best life. If they are legit always looking at the shot glass as half empty then perhaps it's time to pour them a goodbye shot, grab them an Uber, and be done.

Not Woke

In this day and age, there is nothing worse than a friend who has their head either in the clouds or up their ass. Honestly, we don't know which is worse but it is all bad in the grand scheme of things. You do not want a friend who is not up on the issues and out there trying to make the world a better place, right?
February 11, 2019 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Gay Culture