There is nothing wrong with loving one's self, but when you cross that line into being totally self-centered--that's where the problems start to arise. Oh honey, let's not pretend that some of you reading this aren't already convinced that you're the sun itself. The only star on this stage we call life. But just in case you're wondering--if you do love yourself a little too much, then it's time to check the receipts. Here are some clear signs that point towards the worst-case scenario when it comes to loving yourself more than others.

1. Never Ask "How Are You?"

Life can often times get in the way with your day to day. We get that. Not everyone can keep regular tabs on their friends and family. So we're not expecting that you text every single person in your phone for a life update. However, when you do see people, do you ask them how they are or do you just ramble on and on...and on about yourself? Talking only about your life and how you are doing, that's the number one sign that you believe the world and all its inhabitants revolve around you.

2. The Convo Turnaround

This goes hand in hand with never asking how someone is doing. See, you can ask to be polite and then as soon as you hear a certain statement or word you do the old flippity flop and suddenly the conversation is back on you. Like, damn. Give the other people in the room time to express themselves.

3. Not Woke, At All

We're not only talking about if you love yourself more than your loved ones. Oh no, we're talking about the rest of humankind out there. Not watching the news around the clock is one thing, but not even knowing the current issues that plague the world? Time to get informed and make a difference for others.

4. Volun-what?

Speaking of others, when was the last time you volunteered your time to help someone else? Whether it was on a small level like helping a friend move or giving them a ride to the airport (UGH!) or taking some time out of your schedule to help out at your local soup kitchen or LGBTQ center. Volunteering isn't just about being able to humble brag on your socials, it's about putting positive energy out into the world and showing that those in need that there are people out there who care.

5. Selfie All Day Every Day

Look at your phone right now. Is more than half your camera roll pictures of yourself? Child, you better stop with that. We all live for good lighting and a killer angle, but too many selfies leads to you missing out on snapping the world around you, including loved ones. Don't make every picture-worthy moment about yourself. Allow others to get in the shot.

6. Always Your Way

We've all had friends like this and if you haven't, it's likely because you are that friend. The one who always has to have things go their way. From where you go out for the night to what movie everyone stays in to chill with. It's like you can never let anyone else take the reins because you cannot stand to see someone else have the last say.

7. You're Never Wrong

People tend to hate having conversations with the self-centered because, no surprise, those people can never take anyone else's opinion lightly. It's understandable that political talk can get heated but when someone is adamant about the best superhero movie to the point that they're standing in the middle of a restaurant yelling? That's a problem. It's also a sign that person is up on a horse so high, they're about to see the heavens.
March 31, 2023 — Andrew Christian
Tags: Listicles