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Did you know that the term “Dick pic” has its own page on Wikipedia? Although the text provides a lot of valuable and curious information about the social and psychological aspects of this phenomenon, it doesn’t offer tips on how to make it right. I mean, it doesn’t take only an erect penis to have a good dick pic! Some additional factors need to be taken into consideration in order to deliver an eye-pleasing and groin-burning sensation to the intended viewers of your penis. But before proceeding to the guidelines, there is one important thing you should keep in mind: Sending unsolicited nude pictures is illegal in many states, that is why you have to make sure in advance that you can trust the recipient of your photos. And remember that anything sent digitally can end up in the wrong hands!

The angle is everything

Almost every guy thinks that the ideal technique is to lie down and snap a picture from their viewpoint. The result is usually a weird shot of a sausage squeezed between two hairy hot dog thighs. Close-ups capturing only the head, or the balls are horrifying. А side view from a lower angle is recommendable. A firm grip on the penis shows that you mean serious business - a picture of a guy touching himself is much hotter than a forlorn dick staring at your face. And adding a little of the lower ab muscles (if existing!) is a bonus.

Less is more

Some people find pictures of a clothed boner much hotter than of a bare one. So, if you are not sure what the recipient would prefer, I suggest that you start with the clothed version. Push your dick to the side, so that they could see the outline through the pants or the underwear. You're building suspense, and at the same time, showing what they will be dealing with.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Taking a picture of yourself in the mirror is perhaps the most exploited, banal type of selfie. Yet, a fresh-out-of-the-shower selfie, with the steam you have to wipe off the foggy mirror to expose your dick, is always an excellent choice. Besides, most guys appreciate a shot of the whole body, rather than of a dick living a life of its own. To some, accurate representation is important - no matter if the penis is three or 13 inches, and the full-body nudes offer a realistic view of proportion and sizes.

Don’t shy away from toys

I know I said previously that the right angle is everything, but I have to correct myself: Confidence is everything! And guys who pose with cock rings, for example, appear to be mega confident and laid-back, because they are comfortable with toys - obviously!

Beware of what’s behind

The erect cock looks fine, the groin area is all groomed and everything. But then one spots a football game on TV, a toilet seat, or a sink overflowing with dirty dishes in the background, and the good first impression goes south real quick. Your penis may be the main character in the movie, honey, but you should pay special attention also to the background. It must be clean and tasteful, and not а horrid reminiscence of a disgusting college dorm! If you want your dick pic to work, you should put in some effort and some creativity. Do experiment with lighting, filters, and other technological advents.

Make it personal

There is nothing appealing about receiving a dick pic that is obviously recycled. Communicate with the receiver, and ask them what they want to see. Showing consideration for the other person’s desires and fantasies is an instant turn-on.

No flaccid dicks allowed

Don’t do that. Seriously. Semi-chub at least, please! To summarize, the perfect dick pic should look effortless, confident, artsy, and full of promise.
June 20, 2023 — Andrew Christian
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