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Hey, babes! You know we are very sex positive here at AC, we want you to feel  your best, look even better, and get all the sweet sweet loving you can.  Especially during those sweaty summer months where the clothes get smaller  and passions run hotter. So, why not take the next few weeks to give yourself  some self care and polish the body and mind from the inside out? It’s time to  shake off the winter fluff and get prepped for Hot Boy Summer!! Follow along  beauties… we guarantee at least a few of these will resonate!  


We already hear your little two brunch Sunday tummy whining. No  worries, we wouldn’t ask you to skip a good meal out with friends, just a touch of  moderation and attention to your consumption. You don’t have to go super hard here,  but some intermittent fasting can go a long way in tightening and toning up for  summer. Think eating only during an 8 hour window a day as a way to take you from a  “Dad Bod” to a “Hot Uncle Bod” with minimal effort.  

Ditch the Drugs and Alcohol

Not permanently babes. We’re giving hot tips, were  aren’t delulu monsters!! Take a pill, bump and booze holiday. The body can always  use a break from the indulgences we dump in over our debauched weeks. Like “No  Meat Monday’s”, how about a “No Tox” Sunday - Thursday? The bloat in your face will  go down, under eye bags disappear and your skin condition will improve  dramatically. Plus, as a bonus, your tolerance will weaken over the days off and you’ll  become a very cheap drinking buddy come Friday Happy Hour, and you won’t be  stalking your dealer like a thirsty ex on a Tuesday at 3am. All win!  


Beautify Those Lips

Who doesn’t like a pretty mouth? Take your lips from a thin  line, to a pleasing pleasure zone with a little love from injected fillers. The two most  common fillers for natural lip enhancement are hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen fillers. They come in a variety of brand names, just choose the right one for you with a  professional assist from your best local injection artist. Already have enough lip  volume? Then keep your lips hydrated, moist and delectable by using a daily sugar  scrub and moisturizing lip balms. No one like a scratchy, dried out pucker. 

Anal Bleaching

Why not?? We take care of the rest of our body through proper  grooming and daily maintenance.. shouldn’t our most precious private part get a little  love too? Revive and brighten your most sacred of entrances either with a  professional visit to the dermatologists office or with an at home kit. The procedure  will lighten the around the anus by a few shades on all skin types, making your hole  pop and take center stage. Your summer of fun rimming partner will hopefully take  note, and take a little more time exploring than usual.  


We had never heard of this until a breakfast conversation at our most  beloved drag superstar and wig making guru, Billy L’Amore’s home evolved into the  topic of new cosmetic procedures one could try. Not that any of us present had even  a smidge of *enhancements* done… ;) It’s just like it sounds, botox for your scrotum  or in plain speak, the sac of skin that keeps your testicles in place. We had never  heard of it, but it actually helps with all kinds of ball related issues aside from making  you scrotum smooth and aesthetically pleasing. It can also loosen the skin enough to  make for a less tight feel in your bollocks. Some studies have shown it can improve  erectile disfunction, makes your sac sweat less - major summer win, and can make you  look bigger and more filled out. Worth a try in our opinion!  

Massages and Colonics

You’ve ditched the toxins and fasted, now flush them out.  Regular massages are SO good for the body and soul. Whether it’s a deep tissue,  Swedish, or a hot stone session, massages flush out the system and ease muscle  tension. Plus, being pampered in such a giving way, so good for the soul to let go and  relax under someone’s care. As for colonics, it’s like a spa day for your insides.  Flushing out the colon, removing built-up waste… you’ll leave feeling lighter and  unbound. Of note, a proper colonic is 100% a professional visit, not a DIY at home.  

Mental Break

Last but not least, don’t neglect your hot mess of cluttered mental  energy. If you run on a balanced combo of stress and copious amounts of caffeine  like us, it needs sorting the most. Take a social media break, stop hooking up that  wretched for you piece of trade, stop saying yes to everything, let a happy hour go  missed and stay home for much needed rest and some time with your thoughts. You’ll  be amazed at how decluttering your mind can make you feel sweeter, happier, and  ready to take on the hottest pool parties of the season of sun and heat. 

So there you go babes! A few sure fire ways to look and feel a little more sexy  and shiny heading into our favorite season of the year! Enjoy it all, life is short…  just don’t forget your sunscreen! xoxo 

June 10, 2024 — Andrew Christian
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