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Going to be 100% honest with you right now. My anniversary is on December 7th. Yup, I know all too well what it’s like to connect with someone right before the holidays. On one hand, it’s awesome because you’ve got someone to share such a wonderful time of the year with...on the other’s hell because you legit just got together and are still getting to know one another. So if you are like I once was, in a new relationship right before the holidays and have NO idea what to get your new boo, we got you.

Rainbow Pride Sandals

We all know you’re not with a man who ain’t taking care of his feet. With that being said, you can’t go wrong with sandals. Especially if you two live in a place that calls for summer wear almost all year round. So if you two are out west, please bless your new beau with some prideful footwear. Shop Here

Saved By The Gym Micro Jogger Shorts

Whether or not they are into working out, these are a comfy way to say you're into them.

Daddy Fan

Okay so you went and boo’d up with an older man. Kudos to you! But what do you get him after only being official after a couple of weeks? If you two are still in that playful phase, and he’s playful AF about being a silver fox then get him a gift that showcases his full-on daddy status.

Unicorn Drink Holder

You don’t know much about this guy except he’s hot, you like him and you two enjoy a nice drink by the pool. Great, awesome. Then get him this cute and affordable drink holder that is far from basic because it features a cute ass unicorn. And who doesn’t love a unicorn?

Sex Power Freedom Book

When you’re with someone who fancies books, it’s pretty fucking apparent. They have them not only stacked by their bed and on their shelves but also have actual coffee table books in their living room. With that, you cannot go wrong with this Sex Power Freedom book that is sure to be a page-turner as well as a conversation starter.

Boy Brief Superhero 3-Pack

Remember when you were younger and underwear seemed like the lamest gift? Not anymore! When you give your man these superhero briefs, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Rainbow Pride Beach Towel

Towels don’t seem like a great gift, but this Rainbow Pride Beach Towel is far from the drab ones your mother would give you. It’s also a great way to suggest you two will be together when winter is long gone.

Suck-It Backpack

You two are still fresh. Which means you’re going back and forth between one another’s places. So why not get him a little overnight type bag he can have ready to go over to your house at night?

Queen Necklace

We all agree it’s totally weird to get someone you’ve been seeing less than a few months jewelry but honey, we’re not talking about a Pandora charm bracelet or an engagement ring here. We’re talking about a statement necklace that lets everyone know who he is and what he’s about.

Happy Condom Gift Box

No matter what you get the new man in your life, make sure to wrap it up. Oh, and get him a great gift box that’s so amazing it’s like a second gift!
December 14, 2019 — Andrew Christian
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